Leroy Hill Preparing for Draft

Ever wonder what it's like for a football player preparing for the NFL Draft? <BR><BR> Recently, CUTigers.com caught up with former Clemson linebacker Leroy Hill, to get his thoughts on his future in the NFL, and also find out how things have been going since his last game as a Tiger! <BR>

If you could sum up your Clemson experience in just a few words, what would you say?
Hill: It was a wonderful learning experience. It taught me how to balance my life, you know, with class and athletics. You have to do that in high school but it's a lot different in college. The biggest thing was that I got to meet new people in a new place. It was all kinds of good things bundled up into one experience.

Did you feel you reached your potential at Clemson?
Hill: There's always room for improvement but I got a lot of nice accomplishments from my football experience. I got to All-American status, I was All-ACC, the defensive player of the year, so I have a lot to look back on and be proud of.

What game did you have the most fun playing?
Hill: Even though we lost, the Georgia Tech game this past season was fun. I think I played pretty well. The crowd attendance was great, they were really into the game and plus I really like playing teams from Georgia.

How was the NFL Combine in February?
Hill: It was something different. It was a little more than what I expected. You expect the main things like the forty and the L-drill and things of that nature but it was more involved with the medical test and the interviews. I really didn't get much sleep at all.

What have you learned since you left Clemson?
Hill: That it's a lot more to the world than my hometown and Clemson. I really haven't been out of Clemson for too long though. Talk to me in a couple of months and maybe I'll have more to tell you.

Who are you working out with right now?
Hill: Right now I working out at this gym called Ropeman fitness. People like Hugh Douglass work out there. The owner was a professional body builder and he has some NFL people that he works out. So it's a good experience talking and working out with them. Just learning the ropes and what it might take to be a NFL player.

Any new toys?
Hill: I'm just keeping it real basic. I don't have anything new. I'm just working out and waiting to see my name go across the sports ticker.

Where would you like to play if you could pick, or does it matter?
Hill: Well you know of course it doesn't matter but if I could pick, it would be down south anywhere across the nation. I really don't mind the cold weather but I love the south so if I could pick, it would have to be in the southern parts of the United States.

Any teams showing you any interest?
Hill: All I can go are off are the teams I've interviewed with and I've interviewed with over 25 teams. But you (the players) don't really know stuff. The only people who really know anything are the people within the organizations. I just workout and whatever happens, happens.

Any private workouts so far?
Hill: I just came back from Cincinnati. I didn't workout but I met the owner and the head coach and people like that.

In closing, what would you like to say to all the Clemson fans out on CUTigers.com?
Hill: My four years were great. Thanks for the support, it's nothing like it and I definitely plan on coming back and checking out the progress of everything.

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