Orange & White Game Notebook

CLEMSON – Throughout his entire career at Clemson, rising redshirt junior wide receiver Kelvin Grant has been some sort of an enigma. It seems for every time the talented Camden native does something positive, he ultimately does something to quickly erase it. <br>

Kelvin Grant was demoted to the second team and replaced on the first team by freshman Aaron Kelly because he was a few minutes late to his 10:10 a.m. philosophy class Friday. And Grant's antics are starting to wear thin with head coach Tommy Bowden.

"I'm getting a short fuse," Bowden said. "If we had to start, Aaron Kelly would probably start instead of Kelvin Grant. Kelvin was making great strides academically, but in typical fashion he has kind of gotten off the beaten path again."

Grant said he was "mad as hell" at the demotion to second team and that he wanted to come out on Saturday and prove a point. He finished with eight catches for 146 yards and two touchdowns.

"I was making a statement," he said. "I was pretty ticked. I just wanted to make a statement. I'm not going to be walking around with my head in the clouds because I was rolling with the twos. …

"But I brought it on myself. I should have set my alarm 10 minutes earlier and gotten up and went to class. I made it to class. In fact I had a debate with the dude. But he said I was five minutes last to class. …

"I'm always shooting myself in the foot. I can't blame the coaches."

However, Bowden was less than impressed with Grant's performance.

"Aaron Kelly didn't drop any balls and could have made all those catches," he said.

Following his first touchdown of the day, Grant raised both arms and flexed his muscles like Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Terrell Owens.

"I wouldn't dare do that in a game," Grant said. "I wanted to get it out of my system now."

While Grant seems to think everything will be just fine, Bowden isn't so sure.

"He's not in danger academically, he's in danger with me," he said. "I'm stopping where I'm at. It's best to sleep on it. I've got to speak at church in the morning. Once I sleep on it and speak at church I'll have something different to say."

Rising redshirt sophomore linebacker Nick Watkins was on the sidelines dressed in street clothes after being suspended from the game by Bowden.

Earlier in the week, the Charleston Post and Courier reported that Watkins would miss the game due to academic reasons, but Bowden said no one had been suspended from the game.

However, linebacker Anthony Waters said the team was well aware of Watkins' status."

"We knew just about all this week that he wasn't going to be out there," Waters said. "It wasn't really a surprise. We have team rules and if you don't play by the rules then they've got to do what they've got to do."

Placekicker Jad Dean once again found the going tough in trying to put the ball through the uprights. It was the latest in what has been a difficult spring for Dean.

Dean was 1-for-4 Saturday, but the misses from 49, 45 and 54 yards were long, especially considering he was kicking into a stiff breeze. His only made field goal came on the game's final play, a 45-yarder.

"I've made those a million times into a wind stronger than that," Dean said. "I'm confident in my ability that I can make those kicks, so it was a frustrating day. … Right now I think it's probably a little mental and it's causing mechanic (problems.) Once I get through that mental block, I think I'll be fine."

The ACC picked Miami and Clemson as the two places in the conference where the new instant replay system would be tested. But the tests didn't go over well with the fans as they booed when the officials checked the replay twice in the first seven plays. … Backup placekicker Stephen Furr and linebacker Lionel Richardson each missed the game because they were taking an engineering exam that is offered only twice a year. The other date scheduled for the exam is Oct. 29, which happens to be the day the Tigers play at Georgia Tech. …

All fans were asked to sit in the North stands due to television purposes. The cameras are located in the South stands and are pointed in the direction of the North stands. … Several current, former and future NFL players were on hand to witness the game. Levon Kirkland, Brian Dawkins, Justin Miller, Nick Eason and Dexter Davis were just some of the former players in attendance. Top Stories