47 Orange & White Video Highlights

Over 45 video clips from Saturday's Orange & White game.

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Gaines Adams Gets the Sack

Charles Bennett Gets the Sack

Kwam Williams gets the Sack

Reggie Runs Over Defender

Reggie Runs Down to Two-Yard Line

Another Nice Run for Merriweather

Browning on the Run

Harrell Runs Over a Defender

Whitehurst to Stuckey for the 1st Down

Whitehurst to Stuckey Again

Whitehurst to Stuckey Again

Whitehurst to Stuckey Again

Whitehurst to Stuckey Again

Proctor to La'Donte Harris

Harris Almost Scores

Cullen Harper to Harris

Whitehurst completes a Pass to Aaron Kelly

Whitehurst to Kelly Again

Will Proctor to Kelly

Kelvin Grant Catches a Pass for a First Down

Grant Catch and Run

Proctor to Grant Again

Proctor Completes a Pass to Andrew Diomande

Tribble Reese Completes a Pass to Diomande

Reese Completes First Pass

Jackson Catches Pass From Proctor

Proctor Completes a Pass to Paul Macko

Tye Hill Intercepts Whitehurst

Brandon Nolen Gets an Interception

Brandon Croley gets an Interception

Elsmore Gabriel Makes a Hard Stop

Chris Clemons Pass Break-up

Clemons Stops Kelly

Mike Hamlin Stops Browning

Hamlin Tackles Stuckey

Hamlin Stops Browning After Nice Run

Brandon Cannon Gets the Tackle

Defensive Stop on 3rd and Short

Jacquez McKissic Finally Playing for the Tigers

Fans Support the Team Saturday

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