Many Teams Interested in Currie

Former Clemson wide receiver talks about the upcoming NFL Draft and looks back on his career at Clemson. <BR>

Airese, can you sum up Clemson experience?
Currie: Fine that first year. The second year was a little rough, kind of had a down year. I worked real hard in the summer and my junior year was real good, for the most part, before I got injured. That was really frustrating, but I felt I finished the season off strong and so I worked real hard in the summer going into my senior season to not have any nagging injuries and to improve my game. Overall, I'm satisfied with my experience at Clemson. It was a real learning experience. I learned a lot of things, not just from football, but just dealing with the people in Clemson helped me learn so much about life.

What was one of your most memorable experiences?
Currie: When we went down to Miami and beat those guys in there own place. When we got back in that locker room everyone was so happy, and I felt real good about that. That moment just sticks out in my memory.

Talk about a play that really sticks out in your memory?
Currie: My first collegiate touchdown ever against South Carolina down in Williams-Brice stadium. I wore number nine then. That play will always stick out.

Which game do think was your best game overall?
Currie: I've had a few good ones but the game I feel I kind of dominated was the Wake Forest game last year. I would've said Miami, but I didn't have any touchdowns that game. Or maybe the N.C. State game, I had a good game against them and they had a real good defense last year.

Do you feel you reached your potential at Clemson?
Currie: To tell the truth, I think I have a lot more to go in terms of growing as a player. I think maybe I could've been used more ways or excelled in things we didn't use. I feel I have a lot more potential left and I'm going to get much better.

How was the NFL Combine in February?
Currie: I wasn't too much worried about the drills, but I think the way it's set up, they want to see who's going to break. I think they set it up like that on purpose because you've got to do a lot of running around getting all of these test and your sleep seems to go by extremely fast. The turn-around was so quick, you'd get about eight hours of sleep and it would feel like two. I think I did a pretty good job, but when it was time for me to leave, I was ready. It was a good experience though.

What have you learned since leaving Clemson?
Currie: That you have to look out for yourself and take care of your own. You really can't expect people to be there for you. You have to take care and handle your own business, so when something goes wrong you won't be disappointed and you can understand the role you played in the situation and become better.

Who are you currently working out with?
Currie: I was working out at Velocity in Atlanta before the pro workouts, but now I workout in Columbia with a trainer.

Any new toys?
Currie: I had to get me a little ride. Something nice, a Chrysler 300 with the Hemi. That's reasonable enough for me, nothing outrageous, I just needed to ride good. You have to keep things in perspective.

Where do you think you'll go?
Currie: I have no idea. They say anywhere from second to fifth. I'm praying it's the second.

Who's showing you interest?
Currie: The Cowboys like me a bunch, the Chiefs, the Rams. I talked to the Bears, the Falcons, The Giants, the Dolphins, the Packers, and the Steelers.

Where would you like to play?
Currie: Anywhere, but if I could pick, I wouldn't mind St. Louis, Carolina, or the Falcons. I could fit into any system but those are preferences where I would like to play but I'd go anywhere and give it my all.

Who do you think will step up and fill your role for the Tigers?
Currie: As long as he stays healthy, I can see Stuckey stepping up. He likes to compete and work. He likes to learn and catches on to things real quick.

You have anything you'd like to say for the fans at
Currie: Thanks for being supportive of Clemson football and myself. Though thick and thin, they were always there. They're the true fans, and they're always there regardless. It's like a fraternity, they always have your back, and if there's anything I can do, somehow get in touch with me and I'll be more than glad to do anything I can. Top Stories