Several Tigers Likely to be Drafted

Several players from the Tigers football team will likely be selected this weekend in the 2005 NFL Draft Here's a scouting report on each player, courtesy of TFY Draft Preview. <BR>

CB Justin Miller School: Clemson
Ht: 5-9.5 Wt: 201 40: 4.49 Year: 3Jr

Bio: Three-year starter who made a major impact the moment he came to Clemson. Junior defensive totals included 49/3/7 with a 33 yard average on 20 kick returns and two scores. Also had a 13-yard average on 26 punt returns with an additional touchdown. Sophomore totals included 47/2/13 after a freshman campaign of 61/8/9. Also averaged 35.1 yards on 13 kick returns as a freshman. Pleaded guilty to a drunken driving charge in July of 02.

Positives: Strong, physical shut-down cornerback with the ability to impact games in a variety of ways. Jams opponents at the line, physical throughout the route and a tough defender who consistently takes on bigger opponents. Explodes up the field defending screens, throws his body around the field and works to make a tackle. Quick flipping his hips to transition with opponents, displays good footwork in all directions of the field and the ability to immediately close on the ball. Has a quick plant and break, and fights to get a hand in on the pass. Good job immediately locating the ball in the air.

Negatives: Loses focus, gets lazy, and at times hesitant reacting to receivers moves off the line.

Analysis: A cornerback rarely tested in college, quarterbacks purposely stayed away from Miller because of his skill. Besides possessing outstanding size/speed numbers as well as ball skills, his ability to immediately alter momentum of games as a return specialist is added value. Still rough around the edges, Miller offers abundant upside for the next level and will be a very productive NFL player should he focus on the task at hand.


LB Leroy Hill School: Clemson
Ht: 6-1 Wt: 229 40: 4.75 Year: 4Sr

Bio: First-team All-Conference selection as a senior. Led Clemson in tackles the past two seasons, most recently posting 98/17.5/8.5 after 145/27/8 as a junior.

Positives: Productive collegiate middle linebacker who projects to the outside at the next level. Breaks down well, quickly locates the ball and takes good angles to the action. Efficient, fluid moving laterally and wraps up at the point. Fights hard to make the tackle. Immediately picks up pass cover assignments and stays with running backs down the field.

Negatives: Not strong at the point and has a lot of tackles broken. At times over-pursues the action and does more chasing than anything else. Better up the field than in reverse.

Analysis: An undersized linebacker with marginal speed, Hill may be best off in a 34 defense where he is allowed to freely roam to the ball carrier. Surprised many with his pass cover skills at the Senior Bowl, yet may be nothing more than a backup and special teams player at the next level.


WR Airese Currie School: Clemson
Ht: 6-0 Wt: 186 40: 4.58 Year: 4Sr

Bio: Two-year starter who posted career numbers of 61/868/2 as a senior, on his way to winning All-Conference honors. Junior numbers included 43/560/4. Collegiate sprint champion who has a personal best of 10.22 seconds in the 100 meter dash.

Positives: Athletic, speedy wideout slowly progressing on the football field. Fast down the field, runs well laterally and a solid route runner who displays sharpness into breaks. Possesses a burst of speed and has opponents playing back on their heels. Comes over the middle for the tough grab, adjusts to the errant throw and shields away opponents with his frame. Looks the ball in and displays good eye/hand coordination. Comes back to the ball and a solid body catcher.

Negatives: Lacks the strong hands and has difficulty in a battle. Not a natural receiver and drops a lot of catchable passes. Lacks playing strength and gets minimal results blocking.

Analysis: A track and field sprinter still learning to become a football player, Currie made major strides as a senior. Still not polished but offers potential for the next level and his sprinters speed potential is enticing.


OL Cedric Johnson School: Clemson
Ht: 6-2.5 Wt: 337 40: 5.25 Year: 5Sr

Bio: Three-year starter who consistently graded out as one of Clemson's best offensive lineman. Strongest player on the team last season with a 530 pound bench press to his credit.

Positives: Big, stout wide-bodied blocker coming off a disappointing senior campaign. Blocks with forward lean, strong at the point and controls opponents once engaged in a block. Possesses a lot of natural power with the ability to drive opponents off the line. Keeps his feet moving throughout the action and flashes skill blocking on the move.

Negatives: Does a lot of leaning and must learn to finish blocks. Not quick or explosive off the snap. Looks overweight and poorly conditioned. Marginal ball awareness and not alert on the field.

Analysis: Physically, Johnson possesses the tools to work with, as this massive blocker is surprisingly athletic. Yet the inability to control his weight and the tendency to get sloppy make him practice squad material.


DT Eric Coleman School: Clemson
Ht: 6-5 Wt: 288 40: 5.20 Year: 5Sr

Bio: Moved into the starting lineup as a senior, posting 36/6/3.5 after 34/7/1 as a junior when used in a reserve role.

Positives: Alert lineman with good size for the inside. Plays heads-up football, effectively uses hand technique to protect himself and keeps opponents away. Reads the action, remains disciplined and locates the ball. Adequate skills moving laterally, strong in his upper body and gets push up the field. Seemed to work much harder as a senior than in previous campaigns.

Negatives: Lacks an explosive first step off the snap, speed to the flanks and at times looks sluggish. Gets tall and does not play with great balance. Previously chided for poor work ethic.

Analysis: A prospect who flashes ability, Coleman possesses size potential for the inside and the ability to become a big-bodied run stuffer. Headed in the right direction although he does have a ways to go. Top Stories