New Factor Emerging for Cumbie?

Illinois native Jamie Cumbie may have a difficult decision to make later this summer. has the latest on this star athlete, who may be on the verge of making a commitment or playing another sport, in this recruiting update. <BR>

TE/DL Jamie Cumbie
6-7, 255, 4.7
Morris Community High School
Morris, Illinois

Illinois native TE Jamie Cumbie could be just weeks from making a commitment, but baseball may throw a curve ball in the timing. "It's still going to be around the end of May," Cumbie told in a recent interview. "It may go into the summer. I have a few baseball tryouts that I'm going to this summer."

Cumbie feels the odds favor an early football commitment, despite his interest in pursuing another sport.

"I am positive if I go to college it will be for football. If I get drafted for baseball and get a good signing bonus I would consider baseball. I don't think that is very likely."

On the recruiting front, when asked if Clemson is still the leader, Cumbie responded, "Yes, I would say they are.

"I am not going to any football camps this summer. I have four pro baseball tryouts that I am going to go to this summer."

The Clemson coaching staff is keeping tabs on one of their top prospects. "They are keeping up with me. They are asking how baseball going this spring. They told me how the scrimmage went and stuff like that. I try to call them once on a week too," said Cumbie.

Cumbie will be trying to juggle baseball and preparing for his final season of high school football over the course of the next few months. "While I am working on baseball, I'm going to be working on my quickness and speed. I will get in the weight room.

"You know we should be pretty good. We have a young team, but we have a lot of playmakers. We don't have spring practice in Illinois. So we start working out and lifting as a team in June."

We will continue to keep you updated on this outstanding athlete from Illinois, right up through signing day 2006. Top Stories