Blackwell Visits Alexander

With the additions of his two newest offers – Tennessee and Clemson (verbal), Ben Alexander believes he might be coming close to hitting the bottom of the offers well.

"There are no other schools with the exception of Texas that I think are close to making an offer," said Alexander. "Texas is coming to our spring practice next week to watch practice."

The Volunteers and Tigers tendered the 6-foot-1, 288-pound defensive tackle from Anderson (S.C.) Hanna on Friday and Monday, respectfully.

"Tennessee had been interested in me for awhile and they called Coach Parker Friday and told him they were going to offer me," said Alexander. "Friday afternoon when I came home I checked my mail and I got a letter from Tennessee and it was an offer.

"Coach [David] Blackwell came up to the school and talked to Coach Parker. Coach Parker called me to his office and told me that Coach Blackwell had just left and that they wanted to give me an offer."

North Carolina, Duke, Florida State, Auburn, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, Notre Dame, and Kentucky have all also offered. The surplus of scholarship offers has caught Alexander somewhat off guard, creating difficulty in establishing favorites.

"It's kind of what I was hoping for, but you never really think about it until it really happens," said Alexander. "Now that it has happened it's hard to narrow down my schools because they keep piling up."

Alexander does have a plan of action to attack his stack of offers and establish a final school. He figures to unofficially visit Florida State and Auburn in late May, camp at Texas in June, and then make additional unofficial trips to campuses he has yet to visit.

By early July he hopes to narrow things down to the five schools he will officially visit and go from there. Top Stories