An Indepth Look at DB Chris Carter

What many Tiger fans don't know about DB Chris Carter, is that he was exclusively a running back and wide receiver in high school. How will he make the transition to defensive back in college, and could he do it before next season?

The Clemson coaching staff had their eyes on Chris Carter (5'10, 170) for quite some time during the recruiting process, as we all know. However, what might surprise you is that Carter was exclusively an offensive football player in high school, not a defensive back.

A.L. Brown Head Coach Ron Massey didn't want to use Carter on defense because quite simply, he was too important to the team as an offensive weapon.

The one thing he did do though was put Carter at cornerback in the summer passing leagues and scrimmages that many high schools participate in to get better at the skill positions. Those outings provided a nice collection of video tapes to send out to colleges all around the southeast displaying Carters natural athletic ability.

Carter was truly a workhorse over the course of the last two seasons for his team, and it shows when you take a look at his statistics. He registered 2,313 rushing yards and 33 touchdowns on the ground, and had 44 catches for over 800 yards and 13 TDs through the air.

To say that Chris Carter looks like a good sized football player on film would be a considerable stretch. In the weight room though- it's a completely different story. He can bench press 325 pounds, which is more than twice his body weight. He also has outstanding speed, being clocked at 4.45 in the 40-yard dash in his most recent effort. And he has incredible vertical jumping ability, getting over 40 inches off the ground.

After Tiger coaches watched Carter practice during the week of the Shrine Bowl, it was all but a done deal. Clemson would be Carter's only official visit even though he started receiving interest from bigger schools later in the recruiting process.

Ryan Hemby was Carter's host on his official visit, and Carter committed to the Tigers the minute he was offered a scholarship.

"Chris was one of the first two corners that Clemson offered," said Coach Massey. "Their first choices were Chris and the kid from Kentucky. I think he could be in their nickel package as early as next year, he's that talented."

"I'm going to miss running the ball," Carter said in a recent interview. "But I'll be glad to learn something different. I'll work hard, but I know cornerback is my best opportunity in college."

One thing is for sure, Carter has all the potential in the world to be one of those "hidden gems" in this year's recruiting class. We'll be following his progress closely once arrives on campus this fall. And who knows, he might just crack the two deep depth chart before August 31st comes around. Top Stories