Fla DE Listing Clemson

Every year in the state of Florida recruiters find hidden gems throughout the state. This year one of those types of prospects resides at Sebastian River High School just north of Palm Beach.

What is most impressive about Jamil Paris is his physical attributes.

He stands in at 6-foot-7, 220 pounds. In the 40-yard dash he runs in just under 4.7 seconds. Those are numbers that will draw college recruiters from all across the country to get a look.

Last season Paris was only able to play in three games. In the weight room, Paris has put up 185 pounds 16 times. His max on the bench press is 320 pounds. Most of their games were cancelled because of the Hurricanes that hit that region of Florida.

Paris will be an early graduate this fall and looks to enroll in college early. He has a 3.0 GPA and has already scored a 19 on his ACT. Jamil wants to retake the ACT so he can score higher than the first try.

Does Paris have a top five at this time, "Yes, I like Miami, Florida State, Florida, Auburn and Clemson. I will camp at UM, Florida and Clemson this summer."

What will be the deciding factor on ones of those schools, "I would like to go to a school that I can get on the field quickly."

With Paris high school coach being a former Hurricane most feels that UM would be the school that is leading. What does Paris feel about that, "The main reason I chose this school was because of Coach Randy Bethel. He knows what it takes to make it at the next level. Never once has he told me what school to go to. I did grow up a Miami fan so I would have to say they lead at this time."

What is Paris greatest asset on the football field, "My pass rushing ability? I went against Daron Rose who most considered the best offensive lineman at the Miami camp and he could not stop me. I got the best of him on most every one-on-one drill. That gave me a lot of confidence going into this season."

If there is a part of his game Paris feels he could improve on here is what was said, "My leverage, since I am so tall I come off the ball high at times and it makes me easier to block. If I can improve that part of my game, watch out."

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