Tommy Bowden Quotes on Spring Practice

Spring practice is now only a couple of days away. Is Kevin Youngblood ready to go? How will the new offensive line come together? We've got the latest on those, and several other questions straight from Coach Bowden himself.

Update on the Offensive Line:
"We lost some interior guys. We feel pretty good about the guys at tackle, we'll do some experimenting at center. We got some bodies, its kind of like a team within a team. I like our a little mix of people in there, its just finding right five to go with the 5 to back them up. We recruited Myrick as a center, and we expect him to make a push, we like the way he moves, he's got a good work ethic."

On Possible Position Changes:
"We won't comment on those until probably Thursday or Friday."

The Quarterback Situation:
"It will be Willie's position to lose. Offseason progress....they both worked hard. Whitehurst is one to compete, his background is to compete. I'm sure he'll do the best he can to win the job, but he'll have to unseat Willie to get it."

"To me, you got a forth year junior whose gone in and played some games, he played a couple of years ago in the Norht Carolina game, the Florida State game, and Georgia Tech game. He's paid his dues and this year will mean something to him."

On Kevin Youngblood:
"Youngblood should be back 100% or close to it. He should be going through the same stuff as everyone else at practice."

Safety or linebacker for Brodrick?
"We will probably look at him at safety I believe."

Changes in the Style of Offense:
We won't have as many quarterback runs. With Woody, we had a bunch of quarterback or tailback runs, we'll still have some, just not as many. The burder will then shift to the tailbacks and receivers now.

On Defensive Alignments:
He (Lovett) wants to look our personel in the spring to determine what kind of alignments we will run. He'll develop an answer to that question as spring practice moves along."

Expectations for the Defense:
"We have a lot of players coming back, as long as these guys are improving we should be better as a unit. Individual improvement out of those guys will be important in terms of team improvement. Their growth ought to be a little quicker since they aren't all freshmen coming back."

On the Depth Chart at Running Back:
There is a lot of talent back there with Rabmert, Kelly, Tye Hill, and Browning. Competetion at that position will be key. Rambert's performance in the bowl games, and his experience overall, makes us feel a little more comfortable. We feel pretty good that we know what we've got with Bernard. We can go ahead and look seriously at the other guys now."

Will it be a Physical Spring Practice?
It needs to be. You have to be careful though you don't shoot yourself in the foot. There is a smart way you have to do it. It's a contact game and a contact sport. It needs to very physical because a lot of guys we have are young, and they need to experience firsthand what its like from an intensity standpoint. The only way to do that is through experience."

A Decision on Marcus Houskin
"I'd say it might be any time soon. They might have already done it. The nature of his injury is very serious, and I know he's not going for spring, but we don't have an official announcement yet."

Players who will miss spring practice:
"Everybody will be going through spring. Altroy will get a lot of shell work...he could be a little limited."

On Terrance Huey Moving to Cornerback.
"He's got good speed, hes a tough guy. We just look to put some depth back there and some speed. Make sure you feel comforable. We'll find out whether he can or can't play cornerback."

On Roscoe Crosby:
"He'll be out there on a limited basis. His preperation now will be baseball and some football."

On Riggs Field Hosting the Spring Game:
"It will limit the crowd, alot of people like to come out there and see, but it won't affect us too much as a football team." Top Stories