Quick Hits with Kris Harvey

Clemson's slugger talks with CUTigers.com after Thursday's 15-5 win over No. 4 Miami.

Eleven runs in the fourth inning tonight, with most of those coming against the top pitcher in the nation. Did you ever think something like that would be possible?
Harvey: We were coming into this game with Faris on the mound trying to get two or three runs to make it stick. And then in just that one inning everything we hit seemed to find a hole. It was just one thing leading to another and they booted the ball here or there. It was unbelievable.

Miami came here as the fourth ranked team in the country. What kind of confidence and momentum does this give you now for the next two games against these guys?
Harvey: This is the time of the year we want to be playing our best baseball. Winning the first game here helps out a lot, but if we can win the series that would be a huge confidence boost going into the postseason.

Hosting a Regional seems much more likely now with this win. Is that something you guys are talking about more in the locker room?
Harvey: To host a Regional we have to win this series and tonight was a good first step to do it. Since I've been here, we haven't hosted a Regional. The coaches are always talking about the atmosphere when you host. That would be fun.

As far Carillo is concerned, did it just seem like he didn't have his "A-game" tonight? After all this is a kid that had never lost a game in his entire college career?
Harvey: He still threw the ball well at times. We just hit some good pitches and things worked out all right. My first at bat he threw me some good pitches, and then my second at bat (the homerun), he finally made a mistake. That's the thing, he's not going to make very many mistakes, but when he does, you have to take advantage of it. Tonight we did that in the fourth inning.

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