KY DT Hearing from Clemson

Corey Peters talks about his top schools in the recruiting process.

isville's (Ky.) Corey Peters (6-3, 280, 5.1) has received some attention from programs like Minnesota, Michigan and Clemson lately. He believes that they're close to offering, but Louisville and Kentucky are still his only offers.

"My top five right now is Auburn, Michigan, Kentucky, Louisville and Minnesota. Auburn is still my leader over those other programs," said the defensive tackle from Central High School.

"The coaches from Auburn have not indicated that they're going to offer me. Coach (Don) Dunn (defensive tackles) has called me a couple of times, but I've been out and I missed those phone calls. They send me handwritten letters mostly every day, and I just get this good feeling with them. I've always been a fan of their program, and they've got a nice family environment there. It reminds me of the town in Mississippi that I grew up in called Port Gibson.

"Michigan hasn't given me anything in writing yet," he said. "I like the prestige of the program and I'm good friends with James McKinney (ex-teammate/Michigan signee). I like the coaches there and the players also seem like nice guys. I've only heard good things about their program, but most of that has come through James.

"I've never been to Michigan, but I want to get out there this summer. I'm going to try for a camp there, but if I don't make that, then I'm definitely going there for an unofficial. I've got a good feeling with them right now too.

"I like Kentucky because they're in-state, and I've been there a couple of times. They've got a strong alumni system in place and the people there take good care of you. They were real friendly with me at the games I've been to. I remember one time I was just on my way to the game from the parking lot there and people offered me something to eat. That was a real nice gesture. I also like the facilities there and they've got a good coaching staff," he said.

"This summer I want to get out to Michigan, like I said, and I'd also like to take camps at both Auburn and Kentucky. I want to make my decision after the season and closer to Signing Day." Top Stories