ACC Baseball Tournament Notebook

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Looking at the situation with unbiased eyes, it's difficult to tell which is more surprising – the fact that Clemson absolutely smoked Miami four times in a week or the fact that the Hurricanes have lost six straight games for the first time in 39 years.

Clemson started the season 15-13 and has since gone 23-7, four wins of which have come at the expense of the Hurricanes. In those four games, the Tigers have outscored Miami 39-10. It's not like they just barely squeaked by.

"They beat us four times and we've beat them before in the World Series and in the Super Regional, so I don't want to say (Clemson beating us) is a long-term thing. It's a one-week thing," Hurricanes coach Jim Morris said. "But I think Clemson has got an outstanding club. When we played them up there, I felt like they could beat the New York Yankees. I looked at them in my mind as possibly the favorite to come in here to win the tournament."

Listening to Morris speak, it's difficult to determine whether he thinks his team is responsible for the six-game losing streak or whether it's due to playing good teams like Clemson.

"We've never lost five in a row since I've been here and now we've never lost six in a row since I've been here," he said. "It's disappointing because I think we have good players. But right now we're in a little bit of a funk as a team. … It's not as good of an appearance in our first ACC Tournament as I would have liked. … I'm very concerned about our team going in the right direction with our hitting, defense and pitching."

As a result of the longest losing streak since 1966, what once seemed as a forgone conclusion that the Hurricanes would host a regional in the NCAA Tournament is now highly questionable.

"I'm sure that the University of Miami put a good enough bid in to host," he said. "I don't know whether we've done our part because as of late we haven't played well and going down the stretch is a very important process and one of the things they look at. I don't know what to expect at that point."

However, there seems to be no question as to whether or not Clemson will host a regional. Nevertheless, Tigers coach Jack Leggett was still asked if he thinks his team will host after beating Miami.

"I think so," he said. "That's the way I feel about it personally. But I thought we were in good position after last weekend. But that's up to the committee."

Power Outage
Until their final at-bats Thursday, the middle of the Clemson lineup had been in a major slump.

Collectively, Taylor Harbin, Tyler Colvin and Kris Harvey were a combined 3-for-20 over the first two games.

However, they managed to come through toward the end of the game with two doubles, a single and a sacrifice fly to push their numbers to 6-for-24, which still isn't great. But it's still better than what it had been.

"It's tough to be good all year," Harvey said. "It happens. Maybe it's that we're not seeing the ball away very good and we're not seeing the ball in very good, so they're attacking us."

Luckily for the Tigers, the bottom of the order picked up the slack in a major way against Miami. The six through nine hitters scored six runs, two of which came off the bat of No. 8 hitter Stan Widmann on a two-run homer.

"It's not a battle between the top half of the lineup and the bottom half of the lineup," Widmann said. "If they go 0-for-8 in some at-bats and the bottom half gets a couple, it just all works together. There will be times when they get hits and we struggle."

Base Hits
Before centerfielder Brad Chalk got an RBI Thursday, he had gone 26 straight games without one. However the odd thing is that since April 10, he was batting .395 with runners in scoring position. … Chalk and Harbin each extended their hitting streaks to 11 games. …

Harvey's double in the seventh inning was his first double since April 19. The power hitter had gone 19 straight games without one, but during that same span he had hit 10 home runs. Top Stories