Cumbie Ready to Announce

The Clemson Tigers could be just a few short days away from receiving the first commitment of the 2006 class. Has Illinois Jamie Cumbie made his decision between the Tigers and the Irish? has the latest in this recruiting update.

According to 6-6, 255 pound defensive end/tight end prospect Jamie Cumbie, a verbal commitment appears to be just a few days away. "It's real close. I'd say I would probably make a commitment this week sometime," Cumbie told Sunday evening.

"It's going to be a football decision. It will be either Clemson or Notre Dame. I am going to decide where I will be the most comfortable. I will go where I have the best relationship with the coaches."

Although the Illinois standout will commit to the Tigers or Irish this week, playing baseball could still impact his college plans. "I'm going to go ahead and commit and get it out of the way. If something happens with baseball and I get a better opportunity then I will have to look at that. That's still a year away," said Cumbie.

The two-way star could play as a tight end or defensive end at the collegiate level. "Both teams are saying that I could play defensive end or tight end. I think both are leaning towards defensive end right now."

What position would the prize recruit prefer to play at the collegiate level? "Right now I would say defensive end. I would be glad to play tight end if that is what the coaches wanted me to do."

The Cumbie family spent the holiday weekend discussing the future of the talented athlete. "I haven't made the decision yet. I'm still working through the process. I talked a lot about it this weekend with my family though.

"They are leaving it up to me. They are going to let me make my own decision. The family will have a little influence. We have talked about the decision a lot over the weekend."

The blue-chip prospect will spend the summer preparing for his final season at Morris High School. "It's time to start working out for football. I'm ready to get back in shape. We are going to some seven on seven tournaments this summer. We will start working out in June," added Cumbie.

We will continue to keep you updated on this outstanding athlete from Illinois, right up through signing day 2006. Top Stories