Catching Up with Kyle Browning

Toure Francis checks in with running back Kyle Browning this offseason to get his thoughts on a number of topics, including the arrival of James Davis, the future of Duane Coleman, and much more!

What is it like for you actually playing football at Clemson?
Browning: I feel it's an honor. It was always my dream to play at a collegiate level, and at the same time, I'm getting a great education. It's also a good place to get exposure for the NFL.

What do you feel like your role on the team has been in recent?
Browning: My role has been to be ready when called upon, carry out my assignment, and be as consistent as possible.

What has been your greatest moment at Clemson?
Browning: Probably scoring the winning touchdown in double overtime against Wake Forest last year. It felt good because coach had the faith to put me in there on third down when I hadn't carried the ball the whole game.

What is your mentality as a football player?
Browning: I'm a lead by example type of player. I want people to follow my lead, see how I work outside of football, watch me work in practice, and see me put it all together in the game.

Define running back. What is your job or role on the team of a running back?
Browning: Basically we're the utility player on offense. We have to protect like a lineman. We're looked upon to catch the ball out of the backfield like a receiver, and most importantly, we run the ball. A lot goes in to being a running back like being physical, having speed, and being knowledgeable of the game. We need to know a lot about what people tend to do and other little things that give us the edge.

How much do you currently bench press?
Browning: 330 lbs.

How much do you currently squat?
Browning: 530 lbs.

What were some of the problems with the offense last year?
Browning: The biggest problem was consistency. If everybody was more consistent things might've gone differently for us.

What is the main offensive plan for this season?
Browning: Being that we just had the spring, coach Spence just threw a lot at us to see what would stick. Basically he wanted to see what we could run out of the offense and what we could run well. Once we start game planning we'll put everything together.

In the new offense, what do you think the hardest concept is?
Browning: Actually learning the plays. Knowing the specifics, the angles, and what we're really trying to accomplish with each individual play.

What kind of goals do you think the team has in mind for next year?
Browning: The goal is always to win a National Championship. We feel that we have good enough players that once we get everything rolling that we can make some stuff happen. We'll take it game by game but the ultimate goal is the National Championship. We know that we first have to win the ACC Championship though. We want a BCS bowl.

Who do you think will play the biggest role?
Browning: Our defense. Defense wins championships and offense sells tickets. That was a quote from my high school coach.

Will Duane Coleman be at Clemson next year?
Browning: I hope he will. It's based on the the coaches and I'm rooting for him to be back. But it's not in my hands.

Have you seen any film on James Davis?
Browning: No.

Do you think he will take your spot?
Browning: The players who can help the team the most will play, but I don't concern myself with things like that. I just play football.

What type of season are you looking to have?
Browning: I'm looking to be on the field so that I can help the team, whether it's blocking, catching, or running the ball.

You have anything for all the Clemson fans at
Browning: Thank you for supporting us the way that you do. Clemson needs to be back to where it used to be and if the team does what it's supposed to and the fans do their part, we should get back to prominence. Top Stories