Kris Harvey Talks Future

Will Clemson's top slugger stay for his last year at Clemson?

Was there any doubt in your mind going into this weekend that you guys were going to win this thing?
Harvey: I don't think so, especially with the pitching that we've had lately. It's been so dominant with Cribb, Faris, and Rohrbaugh. We get one or two runs and they go deep into the game and we get the job done.

Talk about your two homeruns tonight.
Harvey: He left one up in the first at bat, a hanging slider and then the next time it was a fastball over the plate and I just put the barrel on it. The ball was carrying pretty well.

24 homeruns on the season is pretty impressive. Can you talk about that?
Harvey: I can't complain about that.

You could be travelling to Waco or you could be playing back here next weekend. Regardless, do you feel like this team still has that edge, and the confidence needed to get to Omaha?
Harvey: Definitely. I would love to play at home in front of our fans. But if we have to go on the road and play Baylor, then we just have to be tough and go out there and play our game.

Do you feel right now that this team is as good as any team in the country?
Harvey: I think so. Especially, like I said before, with our pitching. It makes it so much easier when our pitchers go deep in the game.

You've got the MLB Draft coming up this week. How do you balance yourself between what could happen there and also with the upcoming Super Regional?
Harvey: It's tough not to think about it, but I have no say in it. We have practice Tuesday at 1:00. The most important thing is to make it to Omaha....that's why I came to Clemson. I'm going to try and take care of that before I try to worry about the pros.

What kind of indication are you getting from scouts in regards to your position in the draft?
Harvey: They don't really say much because they can't really predict when you are going to go in the draft. It's just so inexact and I've been through it once. You just can't predict it.

Talk about what it feels like to be two wins away from Omaha.
Harvey: It's unbelievable. This is why you come to Clemson to go to Omaha. To be only a series away, it's unbelievable. Top Stories