SC RB Visiting Clemson

One of the top running backs in South Carolina made a visit to Athens, Ga. yesterday. Is he anywhere closer to making a decision when it comes to recruiting?

Ronnie Tyler remains undecided on where he'll attend college in the fall of '06. Even though he is nearing a final decision, it is still up in the air.

"I took an unofficial visit to Athens yesterday," said Tyler. "It wasn't a very serious visit. Mainly we went sightseeing and things like that. My mom and I talked to Coach Richt but not about anything specific. We just had a really great time."

Could Tyler be close to making a decision?

"I will make my decision at the end of the month. I will talk it over with my parents to make sure it's the right decision. When I make my decision it's doubtful I'll plan for any official visits."

What about any additional unofficial visits between now and the time Tyler makes a decision?

"I'll probably visit 2 more schools before that time. I will certainly visit South Carolina and Clemson. I'll be at Clemson on June 19th. I won't make a final decision until I visit those schools."

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