Maxwell Talks Commitment; Knee Injury

When will Byron Maxwell be able to hit the field again? What were the details behind his commitment?

How did you tell the coaches about your commitment earlier today?
Byron Maxwell: Basically I called Coach Burns and told him I had made my decision. I told him I wanted to come to Clemson.

What was the reaction of Coach Burns when you told him you wanted to be a Tiger?
Byron Maxwell: He was real happy. He said he was glad I had made my decision.

Why did the South Carolina standout decide to make his commitment today specifically?
Byron Maxwell: My parents and I talked about it. We just felt like it was the best thing to do.

Why did you decide to attend Clemson?
Byron Maxwell: They have been involved from the start. I've liked them from the beginning. I like the exciting atmosphere they have. Coach Burns is a good coach. We have built a good relationship.

How does it feel to have made your decision?
Byron Maxwell: It feels good to have it behind me.

How firm is your commitment to the Tigers?
Byron Maxwell: It's firm. I stick behind my word. I'm going to Clemson.

How is your injured knee?
Byron Maxwell: I think it's probably an ACL. I am out for the season.

What are your rehabilitation plans?
Byron Maxwell: I will need to rehab for six to eight months.

Have you had your surgery yet?
Byron Maxwell: No, I have not had the surgery. I need to talk to my dad about when we will do that. It will be sometime this summer so I can start my rehab and be ready to play in the fall when I get to Clemson.

What was the reaction of your family and friends to your commitment?
Byron Maxwell: My dad was really pushing it. My mom wasn't saying too much. My dad was very happy. My mom is happy also. I had a lot of folks congratulate me today. I heard from my coaches.

We will continue to keep you updated on this outstanding defensive back from South Carolina, right up through signing day. Top Stories