Final Super Regional Notebook

WACO, Texas – It always seemed that whenever there was a chance for Clemson to put some runs on the scoreboard, a hitter that was mired in a deep slump was always at the plate.

And oddly enough, it was the top half of the order that struggled most during the three-game series in the Waco Super Regional.

While leadoff hitter Herman Demmink did manage to go 4-for-14 in the series, eight of his 10 outs were strike outs. The second, third and fourth-place hitters, Brad Chalk, Taylor Harbin and Tyler Colvin respectively, went 0-11 Monday. For the series, the three went 4-for-34.

But for Colvin and Harbin, their hitting doldrums extended beyond the super regional.

Harbin finished the season 4-for-27, while Colvin was 4-for-39.

Adding fuel to the fire was catcher Adrian Casanova's 2-for-32 streak to end the season.

Been there, done that
Even though Baylor coach Steven Smith has taken a few swipes at Tigers shortstop Stan Widmann through the series (not Monday), he came across as gracious and sympathetic to what the Clemson players were feeling after the game Monday.

"They've got a great club," Smith said. "They're very athletic. They've got great balance in their lineup. The best news for their program and for their fans is that they're very young. It is truly amazing to me that they had the kind of year they did with true freshmen in the middle of the field. You just don't see that.

"I feel for their seniors, the handful of them that they've got. I know what it's like and our players know what it's like to get close and for it not to happen and to have to sit there and have to watch another team celebrate. I just want to congratulate them. I'm sure as time goes on, they'll remember a lot of great moments that they've had throughout the whole year."

What Clemson experienced Monday is almost identical to what the Bears went though in 2003, when with a young team they won their first game of a super regional at LSU, before losing the final two.

"I can totally feel what they're going through," said Baylor second baseman Michael Griffin. "But you know what, they're young and next year there's no telling what's going to happen and where they're going to go. At LSU, that was probably the worst feeling I've ever felt on a baseball field. We came out in the first game and thought we were on top of the world.

"You've just got to pick it up. They're great a club and that's what we did this year, we just picked upped where we left off last year and got on a pretty good roll.

Clemson's only win a "fluke"
According to Baylor starting pitcher Cory VanAllen, the Tigers are awfully lucky to be leaving Waco with any wins at all.

"I know early in the game when they had a 1-0 lead, but I knew Saturday's game was a fluke," he said. "We had what, (1-for-14) with runners in scoring position? That's not how we are. We're a lot better in that, so I knew it was just a matter of time before we cracked their pitching and blew things open."

Harvey and Rohrbaugh's last game?
It appears that Kris Harvey, who was drafted in the second round by the Florida Marlins, has played in his last game as a Clemson Tiger. But he wouldn't say that he's 100 percent sure that he's leaving.

"I've tried not to think about it," he said. "Whatever's going to happen is going to happen. If I come back next year, fine. If I sign, fine."

Quick hits
Clemson first baseman Andy D'Alessio, who battled cramps the first two days, was fine Monday. He had and I.V. Sunday night to replentish lost fluids. ... Widmann, who grew up an hour from Waco, led the team with two RBIs for the series. Top Stories