Record Semester in Classroom

A record 245 student-athletes were named to the honor roll, including a record 121 named to the dean's list according to academic data released by Clemson University's Office of Institutional Research and Planning on Wednesday.

Eight of the 15 Clemson athletic programs had at least a 3.0 GPA, tying the record for 3.0 teams in a semester. The spring of 2003 marked the only other semester on record that Clemson also had eight programs with at least a 3.0 team GPA. Twelve of the 15 programs showed an improvement in the spring semester over the fall semester.

Christopher Ip's women's swimming program led the way with a 3.51 team GPA for the semester, the third highest team GPA on record. Only the women's tennis team in the spring of 1995 (3.64), and the women's soccer team of the spring of 2004 (3.57) have had a higher semester. Thirty-two of the 37 members of the women's swimming team had a 3.0 or better, including seven (Nicole Carlton, Margaret Carter, Maryellyn Jamieson, Shelly Klaus, Amanda Pirovitz, Jessica Scott and Lisa Slagh) who had a perfect 4.0. Kim Routh, an All-American in the pool, made the dean's list for the spring semester academically.

Ip's men's swimming team had a 3.13 team GPA, marking the fifth straight semester both of his teams had at least a 3.0 team GPA. The men were led by Tommy Rappold, who was named a first-team Academic All-American by ESPN the Magazine and CoSIDA last week.

The Clemson football team had 31 student-athletes named to the academic honor roll (at least a 3.0 GPA), just the sixth time in Clemson history the football program has had at least 30 student-athletes with a 3.0 or better. Tommy Bowden has been the head coach all six of those semesters. The list of Tiger football players on the academic honor roll for the spring semester included quarterback Charlie Whitehurst, wide receiver Chansi Stuckey, punter Cole Chason, placekicker Jad Dean, running back Duane Coleman and quarterback Will Proctor.

Three members of the Clemson men's basketball team were on the academic honor roll, including starting guard Shawan Robinson, who was on the CoSIDA Academic All-District team this year. Robinson has been on the academic honor roll every semester he has been at Clemson. The Lady Tigers had four members on the academic honor roll, including Aja Brantley and Amanda White, who both earned a perfect 4.0 in the classroom.

Jack Leggett's baseball team had as good a semester in the classroom as it had on the field. The top 15 Tigers had a team GPA of 3.01, highest on record, and 20 members of the team were named to the academic honor roll, the second highest total in the program's history. The list of 3.0 student-athletes on the team included five starting position players ( Brad Chalk, Herman Demmink, Stan Widmann, Taylor Harbin and Andy D'Alessio) and two starting pitchers ( Josh Cribb and Robert Rohrbaugh). Harbin was also an All-American on the field and was named to the Dean's List. Catcher Gene Pierce earned a perfect 4.0 for the semester.

Nancy Harris's women's tennis team made its second consecutive trip to the Final Four of the NCAA Tournament, a first in Clemson athletic history and eight of her 10 student-athletes were named to the honor roll. The list included Julie Coin, the second ranked player in the nation and a first-team All-American. It marked the 13th semester in the last 14 that the women's tennis team had a 3.0 or better.

Other highlights included a 3.33 team GPA by the women's soccer team, the 10th straight semester Todd Bramble's team has earned a 3.0 or better. Five Lady Tigers earned a perfect 4.0 in the classroom. The women's track team under Marcia Noad had a record 24 student-athletes named to the academic honor roll, including indoor triple jump national champion and first-team Academic All-American Gisele Oliveira, who had a 4.0 for the semester.

Clemson's women's rowing program earned a 3.27 as a team in the classroom. Since its beginning seven years ago, the team has exceeded the 3.0 mark every semester. Susie Lueck's program had 43 of its 56 team members on the academic honor roll, tied for its third highest total in history. Eight rowers had a 4.0 for the semester, including recent graduate Mary Nell Green, who is the first Clemson student-athlete to be selected for the ACC Futures Internship. Green, along with swimmer Shelly Klaus and women's track's Gisele Oliveira, also won the Weaver-James-Corrigan postgraduate scholarship from the ACC this past year.

The men's soccer team under Trevor Adair also had a 3.0, the sixth time in the last nine semesters his team has reached that level, and was the best mark of Clemson's men's programs. The list of his players on the academic honor roll included Justin Moore, an All-ACC athlete who made the Dean's List for the semester.

Jolene Hoover's volleyball had over a 3.0 team GPA for the fifth straight semester. Its list of student-athletes on the academic honor roll included Lori Ashton and Leslie Finn, a pair of All-region performers on the volleyball court.

Clemson Team GPAs, Spring of 2005

Sport - GPA
Baseball - 3.01
Men's Basketball - 2.11
Women's Basketball - 2.32
Football - 2.35
Golf - 2.92
Men's Soccer - 3.00
Women's Soccer - 3.33
Men's Swimming - 3.13
Women's Swimming - 3.51
Men's Tennis - 2.30
Women's Tennis - 3.16
Men's Track - 2.40
Women's Track - 2.85
Volleyball - 3.13
Rowing - 3.27
Overall - 2.74

Student-Athlete Academic Honor Roll - Spring 2005
Baseball (20)
Brad Chalk, Josh Cribb, Andy D'Alessio, Herman Demmink, Aaron Eubanks, Stephen Fairs, Jesse Ferguson, Christopher Fidrych, Andrew Fiorenza, Benjamin Hall, Taylor Harbin, Christopher Howard, John Ingram, David Kopp, Tanner Leggett, Alexander Martin, Daniel Moskos, Gene Pierce, Robert Rohrbaugh, Stanley Widmann.

Cheerleaders (14)
Day Burruss, Daryl Holden, Ashley Iero, Michael Leroy, James Matsinger, Steven McDonnell, Michelle McDonough, Julie Niver, Erin Redmon, Rebecca Smith, Derrison Steer, Bradley Stoehr, Leslie Templeton, Kaenel Von.

Football (31)
Brandon Cannon, Christopher Carey, Ryan Charpia, Cole Chason, Christian Clemons, Duane Coleman, Michael Collins, Jad Dean, Andrew Diomande, Bradley Flowers, Dustin Fry, Stephen Furr, Thomas Gordon, Micheal Hamlin, Steven Jackson, Paul Macko, James Maners, David McLaurin, Alexander Pearson, William Proctor, Herbert Reese, Mark Reiter, Nicholas Riddle, David Schlink, Brent Smith, Brian Sorrells, Chansi Stuckey, Christopher Wade, Britton Whetsell, Charlie Whitehurst, Robert Wiksell.

Golf (4)
Nicholas Biershenk, Martin Catalioto, Jack Ferguson, Stephen Poole.

Men's Basketball (3)
Matthew Morris, Shawan Robinson, Sheldon Waiters.

Managers (29)
Matthew Alley, Meagan Beam, Seth Berry, Beth Boss, Justin Cameron, Elizabeth Cleavenger, Brandi Couch, John Michael Coutsos, Blake Edwards, Adam Hommons, Lee Hilderbrand, Tiffany Hurt, Jeffrey Kallin, William Lamont, Bradley Leopard, Thomas Lynn, Patrick Madigan, Edd McCurry, Andrew Medvec, Timothy Oday, Jami Oliver, Tyler Peck, Jeffrey Radabaugh, Kevin Short, David Snyder, Blair Taylor, Stephanie Thurston, Will Wade, Marybeth Young.

Men's Soccer (17)
Randy Albright, Mark Buchholz, Greg Burana, Erik Forbes, James Georgeff, Bradley Gibson, Hunter Gilstrap, Kevin Howell, Justin Moore, Adam Nickell, Daniel Poe, Charles Roberts, Ryan Roushandel, Jeffrey Routh, Adam Smith, Micah Ursy, Raleigh Wolfe.

Men's Swimming and Diving (15)
Matthew Balderston, James Crout, Sean Geary, Mark Gettys, Michael Herrington, Joel Johnson, Benjamin Kanoy, Robert Lindley, Brett MacLennan, Gregory Middleton, Patrick Raisor, Thomas Rappold, Thomas Reed, Brian Regone, Hoyle Thompson.

Men's Track and Field (14)
Daniel Alge, Jason Bell, Corey Brown, Matthew Clark, Michael Feathers, Ryan Fenton, Derek Gilson, Brent Hobbs, Brandon Holmes, Gregory Isaacs, Donald Kautz, Robert Pendleton, Matthew Pimentel, Derrick Wyatt.

Men's Tennis (2)
Ryan Cook, Alexander Koning. Rowing (43)
Elizabeth Averyt, Vernita Boone, Susanne Brackin, Barbi Breimann, Kimberly Brendle, Sarah Broeker, Ashlee Brown, Sarah Canterbury, Sarah Cooper, Carole Dillon, Kate Dubin, Laura Dunbar, Brittney Gamble, Margaret Gattis, Christine Goetz, Mary Nell Green, Krista Gregan, Catriona Harris, Katherine Heiner, Elizabeth Jennings, Chelsea Kautz, Sara Kolodzaike, Emily Lynch, Tamara Mayer, Meghan McCleskey, Meghan Mulholland, Laura Nichols, Mary peer, Julia Polan, Jaclyn Rath, Mary Roenick, Lindsay Sheppard, Allison Spiker, Megan Stuermann, Diana Ulrey, Suzanne Vanfleet, Kathryn Wait, Sierra Wait, Elizabeth Weichel, Kristen Weinacker, Kristen Williams, Candice Woodward, Jennifer Wortman

Trainer (10)
Carla Addy, Timothy Cox, Caleb Gaston, Cameron Golightly, Andrew Hammond, Wes Pollock, Ryan Sanders, Cody Slaughter, Dustin Vickery, James Way.

Volleyball (9)
Lori Ashton, Susan Eckman, Leslie Finn, Stephanie Haskell, Leslie Mansfield, Dawn Robertson, Brittany Ross, Meghan Stanton, Meghan Steiner.

Women's Basketball (4)
Aja Brantley, Laurel Goggans, Tasha Phillips, Amanda White.

Women's Soccer (19)
Jennifer Anderson, Kelly Couch, Kimberly Faerber, Amanda Garcia, Allison Graham, Candice Hein, Logan Hull, Elizabeth Jode, Lauren Johnston, Sarah McClurg, Rebecca Meyer, Stephanie Permar, Kristin Procopio Allen, Laura Saunders, Kelly Schneider, Jessica Shain, Sarah Turner, Lydia Vandenbergh, Stephanie Wolla.

Women's Swimming and Diving (32)
Christine Anseeuw, Jennifer Bires, Caroline Boden, Briana Brotherson, Nicole Carlton, Erin Carne, Margaret Carter, Sarah Cefalu, Kallie Deters, Aurelie Gresset, Jennifer Grove, Elizabeth Guindon, Katherine Hicks, Maryellyn Jamieson, Danielle Kazilionis, Allison Kendrick, Shelly Klaus, Bethany Meeuwsen, Jennifer Miata, Mary Paulsen, Amanda Pirovitz, Kimberly Routh, Whitney Sandison, Jessica Scott, Ashley Shafer, Lisa Slagh, Anne Stanton, Kelly Urso, Amanda Vaughan, Jessica Watcke, Emilie Wells, Sarah Wippermann.

Women's Track and Field (24)
Rebecca Adnot, Mary Armstrong, Jennifer Barton, Katie Boehm, Allison Bradshaw, Thea Dix, Jessica Earp, Lauren Edwards, Kerry Foltz, Felicia Hawthorne, Jennifer Hooten, Sara Jordan, Helen Kirkland, Renata Miyamoto, Christina Moore, Gisele Oliveira, Casey Phillips, Catheryne Porter, Laura Rukat, Jennifer Schweer, Sybil Sobanjo, Kristin Thompson, Hannah Wright, Sara Young.

Women's Tennis (8)
Daniela Alvarez, Maria Brito, Rebecca Clarke, Julie Coin, Romy Farah, Alix Lacelarie, Richele Lesaldo, Gabriell Solek-Tefft Top Stories