Coach Duncan: Sapp's Potential is Tremendous caught up with Bamberg Ehrhardt head coach Ron Duncan to find more about his star prospect Ricky Sapp, and Sapp's recent commitment to Clemson.

What type of player is Ricky Sapp?
Coach Duncan: He has been a tremendous player the past few years for us. He is awesome. He plays very hard. He has the size and frame to put on some weight.

Can you talk about his work ethic on the football field?
Coach Duncan: He is a very hard worker. He will not be out worked. He works as hard as anyone on the team.

Why did Ricky decide he wanted to go to Clemson?
Coach Duncan: Ricky has said in the past Clemson was where his heart has been. As a coach you just want to make sure they take their time and make a good decision. When they feel comfortable that they are ready to make a decision that's up to them. Ricky has made this decision. We are very happy for him.

What type of college player do you thing Ricky can be?
Coach Duncan: He will be a tremendous college player. He has all the tools. He can play in space. He can play linebacker or he can play defensive end.

What position do you think Ricky will play at Clemson?
Coach Duncan: I know Clemson has talked with him a lot about the bandit position. I think that is where they want him. will continue to keep you updated on this outstanding defensive end from South Carolina, right up through signing day. Top Stories