Sapp Discusses His Big Day

Clemson fans everywhere were thrilled to hear that Ricky Sapp, one of the top defensive ends in the nation, had committed to the Tigers on Tuesday.

DE Ricky Sapp
6-4, 225, 4.7
Bamberg Ehrhardt High School
Bamberg, South Carolina caught up with the star defender Wednesday evening to find out the reasons behind his decision, and much more in this recruiting update:

The 6-5, 225 pound prospect felt like the time was right to make his commitment during an unofficial visit to Clemson on Tuesday. "Yeah I went to Clemson for camp," Sapp said. "I talked with Coach West and after the conversation I thought it was the right time. I went ahead and told him I wanted to commit. I have liked Clemson for a while. It just felt like home.

"There was a whole lot of joy when I told Coach West. Coach West called Coach Bowden and he had to come back to school. He was real excited."

So why did the prize recruit go ahead and commit to the Tigers? "I just thought it was the right time. I want to focus on education and my teammates. I felt I owed it to my teammates to play my heart out this year. I want to focus on winning a championship," Sapp said.

Sapp's relationship with Coach West and the rest of the coaching staff was a major reason why he selected Clemson. "I just felt comfortable at Clemson. I really liked the coaching staff. I feel very comfortable with Coach West. I like the facilities at Clemson," said the future Tigers.

Don't expect the Palmetto standout to change his commitment to the Tigers. "It's done. I am not going to take any visits. I'm done. I'm coming to Clemson," added Sapp.

Now that his commitment is in the rearview mirror, Ricky plans to concentrate on his senior season. "I am going to work hard this summer. I am going to focus on my teammates.

"I'm really looking forward to playing that bandit position. That is one of the things that made me like Clemson the most to be honest with you."

We will continue to keep you updated on this outstanding defensive end from South Carolina, right up through signing day. Top Stories