Better Than Ever: Summer Workouts

With the start of the football season right around the corner, this is the time of year when a team can gain or lose a slight advantage with their summer workouts. And by all indications, Clemson is in the midst of having one of its best summer programs in a long time.

With the first session at an end, Tigers offensive lineman Roman Fry said he was impressed with the way the last few weeks have gone.

"I thought as a team we had a great first summer session," he said. "Everybody is getting in pretty good shape and the attendance has been great. But we've had a great first session. It's great that we get this many guys to come in the first session. We've had a great turnout and we've been working really hard. I know we've had some records broke in the weight room and a lot of guys getting their personal best. I don't think you could ask much more out of it."

Besides hitting the weights and running nonstop, incorporated in the workouts twice a week is what is called "skills and drills," which is a mini-practice that would mirror August workouts.

"It's like practice, but it's ran by the players," Fry said. "So, besides just getting in condition and doing those drills, we get to do different football things. The receivers get to do pass skills with the quarterbacks. The offensive and defensive linemen, we work on a lot of our technique and things like that.

"What we do is it is organized by the players and we go out there and it gives us a chance to go through a practice and we get to work on our skills. As a lineman, we get to work on our punches and footwork, the steps we take and all the techniques. The defensive backs and the receivers get to do the same thing with working on passing skills. We get to work on football specific drills and I think it will make a big improvement for us."

When the second summer session begins on July 7, skills and drills will take place three days a week.

Over the course of the first session, Fry said two people jumped out at him with the way they were working out.

"(Thursday), Steven Jackson broke the record when he power cleaned 363 pounds and did four reps from the floor," he said "It's hard to pick out certain guys. But as a whole, I think everybody is making an improvement. There's a good spirit around the team to where everybody is doing their best."

But he added that defensive lineman Cory Groover, who was shot in the leg during the spring, has been working out every day and has been inspiration to the rest of the team.

"Cory is working extremely hard to get back from the injury that he had," Fry said. "He's out there working his butt off, running hard and lifting hard. It's great to see a guy like that come back after something like that happened to him. He's really setting a good tone." Top Stories