Clemson in the Mix?

The Clemson Tigers made a clean sweep of the top three offensive lineman in South Carolina this past February. Can they do it again this year?

6-foot-7, 280 pound offensive line prospect Clifton Geathers is a popular name these days.

The talented lineman out of Carver's Bay High School is South Carolina's No. 1 prospect entering the heart of summer...and he has the offers to prove it.

From Clemson to Florida State to Southern California, Geathers is generally recognized as one of the top prospects in the nation this year. caught up with Geathers after the holiday weekend to get the latest on the recruiting process.

When asked if he is ready to name any favorites, Geathers responded, "No sir, I'm not ready to name any favorites just yet. After the first three games this fall I should be ready to narrow it down a good bit. Probably not until then though."

The prize recruit plans to workout with uncle who stared in the NFL for the rest of the summer. "I don't have any more trips planned or anything, but I'm going to workout the rest of the summer with my uncle," Geathers said.

What will the five-star lineman consider when deciding where he will attend college?

"I want to see if I can play my first year," Geathers said. "That's important to me. I will look at what position they want me to play and how many people get drafted from that school. Also the environment and the type of players as well as the facilities, like the dorms and the classrooms."

Distance will not be a major factor in Geathers' decision. "Distance doesn't really matter to me. My parents like to drive most of the time. I would like them to be able to make it to most of the games," Geathers said.

The talented lineman could play either way at the next level. "I don't really have a preference. I could play offensive tackle, defensive tackle or defensive end. I guess it just depends where I end up."

Geathers also expects Carver's Bay to make a run for the championship next fall. "I'm not a bragging person, but I think our team will be pretty good this year. I definitely think we can make it past the third round of the playoffs. Most likely we can make it to the championship game I think." Top Stories