Anderson Raves About Trip; Tigers Take Slight Lead

Just when it looked like one of the state's top linemen was headed to South Carolina, everything seemingly changed in an instant. has the latest on big Garrett Anderson, and his sudden change of heart, in this recruiting update.

The 6-4, 265 pound offensive line prospect traveled to Clemson today with his parents. "It was very nice. I went up with my parents. We stayed from around 11 to 5:30. We toured the campus and got to learn about the ICAR program. I was really impressed with Clemson," Anderson told

"I saw the highlight film on the West Zone. It will be very nice. It will be nice that both that and the ICAR will be open in 2006. I know they are going to give me five years of a free education. I plan to take advantage of it."

The visit to Tiger Town even impressed two longtime Gamecock fans. "My parents liked it a lot. Both of my parents are Carolina fans. They were surprised and very confused," Anderson said.

"My parents are letting me base the decision on what I want to do. I will be the one playing football."

Anderson spent the day with Coach Burns and Coach Scott. "I hung out all day with Coach Burns and Coach Scott. They told me they do want me up there. It looks like a good a good fit," he said.

When asked if he had a leader, Anderson responded, "It's between Clemson and Virginia Tech right now. It will be one of those. I have narrowed it down to those two."

The Tigers hold a slight lead for the prize recruit at this time. When asked what the percentages are that he will sign with Clemson or Virginia Tech, Anderson responded, "I would say it's about 55% Clemson and 45% Virginia Tech. I have only been to Virginia Tech once. I am going up there again before making my final decision. We are planning to go on the 22nd, but we haven't talked with them yet."

Coach Bowden was not there for the visit today, but he will speak with the Garrett's parents before he makes his decision. "He's a good Christian man. That's a great thing for a head coach. He is going to setup a meeting to talk to my parents before I make my decision. They will do that in the next week or so," Anderson said.

A decision will come over the next few weeks. "I am going to make my decision before the end of month," stated Anderson. Top Stories