Crosby Signs with Colts

The Indianapolis Colts signed former Clemson receiver Roscoe Crosby Thursday afternoon following the NFL Supplemental Draft despite his absence from football for almost three years.

The 22-year old receiver who once hoped to be a two-sport professional player like Deion Sanders entered Thursday's NFL Supplemental Draft but wasn't selected.

But after the draft, the Colts found themselves competing against 6-8 teams for Crosby's services as an undrafted free agent. Amongst the teams reportedly showing interest were the Carolina Panthers, New Orleans Saints, Kansas City Chiefs, Dallas Cowboys, and New York Giants.

And although Crosby initially said that he and his advisor would look at the deals from the teams and make a decision on Friday, the Colts emerged with the contract before the end of the afternoon.

"This is a great chance for me to go learn from some great players, like Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, and then also to catch passes from Peyton Manning", said Crosby from his home in Columbia, South Carolina.

The Colts reportedly set the wheels in motion prior to Thursday's draft, contacting Crosby's advisors early in the morning and reinforcing why the Colts would be the right place for Crosby to develop his skills. The pitch evidently sunk in as his he and his advisors reportedly took less than an hour to decide that the opportunity to work with the Colts' veteran wide receiver corps would be a huge asset to his future success.

Crosby is expected to arrive in Indianapolis on Friday for a physical and to finalize his contract. Top Stories