Insider Video Highlights

We've captured several video clips from some of Saturday's action, including footage of QB Charlie Whitehurst, RB Tye Hill, and RB Keith Kelly, three of the most talked about players coming into spring practice.

Our first look in at spring practice contains three clips of some of the more talked about players thus far at spring practice, RB Keith Kelly and QB Charlie Whitehurst. We will be featuring highlights of several more players over the course of this week, including Kevin Youngblood, Bernard Rambert, and most of the secondary.

Charlie Whitehurst
Charlie Whitehurst completes one of his 15 passing attempts to his tight-end out in the flats. Charlie finished the scrimmage with over 220 yards passing and 4 touchdowns.

Keith Kelly
Two clips of Keith Kelly, the first one shows him taking the handoff around the right side of the line. The second one shows him being tackled out of bounds by CB Kevin Johnson.

Tye Hill
Tye Hill takes the handoff from Charlie Whitehurst around the left end before being sandwiched by several defenders.

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