JackSmack: Issue #42

Bobby Robinson: "Worst AD ever?" Close, but probably not. You held on to Hatfield and West too long before hiring a real coach. At least the baseball and soccer programs are in good shape. But now, your swan song as athletic director was to give Larry Shyatt a 2-year extension.

Your June 30 retirement could have come sooner. I'm glad you see progress in our basketball program. I can't seem to find it, but maybe that's me.

Let's see: last place, last place, last place. Hmmm, that's improvement. This is even more embarrassing as Florida State who upset Duke and went farther than we did brought in Leonard Hamilton to be their new coach (remember I mentioned his name a couple of weeks ago).

Leonard says he is "setting out to rebuild the program". We are in the ACC, and I know it's also football country, but settling for this crap we've been seeing year in and year out is ludicrous. Hey Bobby, why don't you go make some more stupid decisions before you retire?

On to March Madness, where the crapshoot was on in the first weekend of the tournament. Let's go through each region before I tell you what I need to happen to win my pool and so I can respond to my Arizona bashers that have been e-mailing me like there's no tomorrow.

We should see 2 great games tonight in this region. Missouri vs. UCLA and Arizona vs. Oklahoma. I like the Pac-10 teams to advance, but it's going to be tight. Thank you Ohio State for a wonderful run. You should have lost to Davidson and saved me the heartbreak. I did nail UCLA over Cinci in the second round. What a classic tournament game. Just great to watch. Did I tell you all year that Gonzaga sucks? They don't play anyone and then everybody (you too) was crying about a 6 seed. Get out and stay out.

2 interesting games tonight. I like Mike Davis a lot, but I think Duke puts on a show tonight, and I hope so, because I want to watch OU-Zona. Thanks to Southern Cal for not being able to hit free throws. Pitt's not going to roll over Kent State. This is team is from the MAC and while the whole field gets stronger every year, this conference has been ‘for real' for a while. They've won 20 in a row and 25 of their last 26.

Kentucky-Maryland could be a classic, but I think the Terps will roll to the Final Four. Nice showing, Marquette. Well, I nailed Southern Illinois over Texas Tech, but they killed my Georgia team with a little help from a questionable intentional foul. I thought I had N.C. State over UConn too, but Caron Butler had the game of his life. Anyone can come out of the bottom. I think the Terps' toughest test is going to be Friday.

So Kansas slips by Holy Cross, and Drew Gooden dunks the ball with 1 second left. C'mon. I actually lost more respect from Billy Donovan though. Take the loss and go home. Don't whine about .2 seconds or that the officials lied to you. That was pathetic.

Illinois-Kansas could be really good if the Illini come to play. I like Oregon to come out of the bottom, but I also had Texas here, so this could be a really good game. Pepperdine was a terrible take as an upset.

Other tourney news:
--No more DMX (Steve Logan)

--No more hi-lites (Casey Jacobson)

--The 8 seeds did go (4-0)

--The only 5 seed that didn't lose in the first round was Indiana.

--No doubt Missouri is the best 12 seed ever.

--I know Fresno wasn't in the NCAA's, but props and good wishes to Jerry Tarkanian. I am a big fan and I hate to see him go.

Here is one quote from my Arizona e-mails. This is Michael Dixon: "'Zona's always been there for me'. They are the NCAA choker." Wrong about both Mikey.

The NCAA choker is Cincinnatti or even Kansas. And while in years past, Arizona has lost some first and second round games as a 1 or 2 seed, they have been absolute money when they do get to the regional semifinals. They were there for me last year, this year's Pac-tourney, and the year they beat the 3 #1 seeds (Kansas, UNC, Kentucky) to win it all. This is also the most overlooked coaching job in America. Lute Olson lost 4 starters from a team that made it to the final game last year.

As for my chances in my pool, I am tied for 6th out of 49 brackets. Texas and UCLA helped, but N.C. State and Georgia would have put me up there. I need Arizona to come out of the West and I need Maryland to go farther than Kansas. A Connecticut loss wouldn't hurt, but whoever gets OU or Arizona out of the West is taking home the bucks.

So let's enjoy another great 4 days of college hoops.

Keep ‘em coming. You can reach me with any inane statements you wish at: jacksmackcu01@yahoo.com.

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