Q & A with Buddy Williams

Buddy Williams answers our questions on the upcoming football season, what he liked most (and least) about the recruiting process, where he expects to play at the collegiate level, and his overall thoughts on Clemson University.

Buddy Williams, out of Tallahassee's Lincoln High is perhaps one of the most talented players to sign with Clemson in the 2002 recruiting class. We had the chance to ask him some indepth questions regarding the upcoming season recently, and here are his responses.

1. What are your latest vital statistics?
Height: 5'11
Weight: 175 lbs
40: 4.45
Bench: 300

2. What did you like most about the recruiting process?
What impressed upon me the most was the fact that so many schools expressed a sincere interest in recruiting me. I was not prepared for the magnitude of calls and letters I received. In additional, the actual site visits were fun and informative. I enjoyed meeting well know football players and coaches as well. Coach Bowden and Coach Stockstill were honest and straight; my mother really enjoyed the in home visit. It was a great experience.

3. What did you like least about the recruiting process?
The least effective attribute about the recruiting process was some school could not comprehend the phrase "no thank you, I'm 100% committed to Clemson".

4. Who were your second and third choices?
My second choice was Miami, third- Georgia.

5. What were some of the main factors in your decision to come to Clemson?
The key factors that aided in my decision to attend Clemson were the opportunity to contribute to the team early, educational/graduation opportunity. The atmosphere is similar to Tallahassee so the adjustment should be smooth. I think the alumni and staff are committed to their athletics on and off the field with the dedication of Vickey Hall. That kind of support is critical to freshman.

6. What can Clemson fans expect out of you next season?
The Tiger fans can expect hard hitting and 150% effort. I believe in playing every play as if the game was on the line.

7. What specific position do you anticipate playing?
I would like to contribute to my team by playing defensive back (corner/safety) and special teams.

8. When are you schedule to arrive in Clemson?
I'm slated to begin summer session in July. Therefore I'll probably arrive in late June.

9. Anything else you'd like to tell all the Tiger fans out there?
Hey Tigers - - Let's get ready to rumble!

We'd like to thank Buddy and his mother, Jacqueline, for taking the time to answer our questions.

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