Q & A With Tymere Zimmerman

Tymere Zimmerman talks about his car accident several weeks ago, what position he wants to play at Clemson, and of course- those all important test scores.

To put it midly, Tymere Zimmerman is ready to play football at Clemson University, even though he may have to overcome some obstacles along the way.

"I was in a car accident a couple of weeks ago, it was bad but I made it out by the grace of God. The car was totaled and I was just happy to be able to get out it. Other than that I am doing great," said Zimmerman.

Just one of the many spectacular catches brought in by Tymere Zimmerman over the last 3 seasons. "I love this one," remarked Ty.
Zimmerman, originally out of Marlboro County High School in Bennettsville, SC played his football this past season at Fork Union Military Academy to work on getting his acadmics in order. And although he still doesn't have the qualifying test score, he's confident that he'll get the job done.

"I am going to be a Tiger next year, and I will get my scores up so that I can play," said Zimmerman affirmatively.

Ty brought in 25 catches and six touchdowns this past season to go along with some incredible numbers and accolades in high school. (49 receptions for 1,210 yards and 15 touchdowns his senior year, 59 catches for over 940 yards and 13 touchdowns as a junior, South Carolina 4-A Player of the Year, Top 5 receiver nationally among most publications)

He said that he did suffer some minor injuries as a result of the car wreck, mostly cuts and bruises as a result of broken glass, but overall he's been doing fine- just working on getting those test scores where they need to be. Here are some of the questions we posed to Ty and his responses:

1. What are your latest vital statistics?
Weight: 208
Height: 6'4
40: 4.5
Body fat: 5.6%

2. What did you like most about the recruiting process?
To see which coaches were going to tell me the truth.

3. What did you like least about the recruiting process?
All the phone calls.

4. What schools were your second and third choices?
South Carolina and North Carolina.

5. What were some of the factors in your decision to come to Clemson?
Coach Stock, and the players on the team, and plus I wanted to play in South Carolina.

6. What position do you anticipate playing at Clemson?
I want to play defense, but I don't think it will happen.

7. Why do you like playing defense better?
I don't know I like both the same. I had 27 interceptions in my 3 years playing and 300 tackles. I hate to be off the field. I love "D" for some reason.

8. Anything else you'd like to tell all the Tiger fans out there?
I am ready to run down the hill and I have faith that it will all work out. I want to show people that I'm a good football player.

In conclusion, we'd like to thank Mr. Zimmerman for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer our questions.

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