Tilley Visiting Clemson Today

Even as a recruiting analyst for a major network, I too get tired of the same old boring questions. Who are your favorites? How many offers do you have? It's repetitive and tedious. If I'm a fan I want to know more, I want to feel like I am a part of the experience. One of the nation's top offensive linemen has decided to share his adventures as he takes a week long trip visiting schools from Gainesville to Blacksburg.

Today, Lee Tilley the mammoth offensive lineman from Springfield (Ohio.) South, chronicles his second day in Gainesville, Florida and his trip to Athens, Georgia. We caught up with Tilley who was on his way to Clemson, South Carolina. To date Tilley has been in the car for 1,449 miles on his journey.

After a long day, that saw the big man spend a number of hours between two campuses and several hours in the vehicle the jovial Tilley still took his time to share his thoughts with Scout.com readers.

Travel Log

By: Lee Tilley

I started out at 6:00 A.M.; I ran the stadium steps at Florida. That was the first time I have ever run the steps of a stadium and I'm still hurting. I got showered up and met up with the Florida staff and watched a video. We met up with some of the people who work for the school and some of the players.

We went to a picnic outside with some of the coaches and players, and their families. I called my mom and told her how things were going so far. We then met up with offensive line coach [John] Hevesy he was telling me his expectations for himself, for me, and the program. We then went to the stadium and went to the press box and had an ice cream social.

We then left Florida, we got lost in Milledgeville, Georgia. That place is like the "Bermuda Triangle", On-Star wouldn't work, my cell phone wouldn't work, and I think even my CD player stopped working. We stopped at an Applebee's in Milledgeville and they didn't know where Athens even was. We just kept driving and couldn't get out, but we finally did. We got to Athens at about 1:00 A.M., Sunday morning.

At 8:00 A.M., we met up with Coach Callaway; we went up to his office and then went on a tour. He told us about his self and his expectations. Then I got to meet Thomas Brown the running back for Georgia. He showed me around and answered all my questions. I got a chance to see the weight room, and then I met up with the academic staff.

The lady that spoke to me about academics was on top of things. Most of the time when you start asking people hard questions they will fold up, but she gave all the answers and then some. She gave me some great examples for all the questions that I had asked.

After that, I headed on down to the bookstore and I bought me a hat and a T-Shirt. We then went to church, after church we met up with Coach Richt. We took another tour and that was pretty much it.

I liked Georgia a lot, football wise they're very good. Coach Callaway has put 65 offensive linemen in the NFL; he currently has 15 in the league right now. All of the coaches are real good people.

We're on the way to Clemson now; I'll be visiting there Monday morning.

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