JackSmack: Issue #43

Keep Larry Shyatt, lose Tony Stockman and Dwon Clifton. Wonderful. What a great basketball program. I received an e-mail from a Mr. Barry Jones this week questioning my call of Bobby Robinson as the ‘worst AD ever'.

I did say ‘probably not', but Barry's reasoning was finishing 14th in the Sears Cup. Yeah, that is pretty good. Barry, I'm glad you said you read my articles and enjoy them, but we're not Stanford, Texas, or Arkansas. I could give a crap about swimming and track. Men's football and men's basketball are the revenue makers, and even the precious Sear's Cup standings will fall if we continue our course.

On to real news: the Final Four. I will get back next week with some baseball and NFL draft talk, but this week, it's 3 games in 2 days, and it's one of the greatest events of the year, if not the greatest.

Indiana vs. Oklahoma
The story of the week has been Tom Coverdale. He only scored 2 points in the win vs. Duke. He'll play and nobody knows how effective he will be with the ankle, but he's not the game. The Hoosiers are going to have to battle physically with the Sooners inside and on the boards. That means skinny Jeff Newton and Jared Jeffries along with ‘slow white boy' Jared Odle must play tougher than they have ever played. Yes, they'll have to hit some 3's and they will need a lot of points from Jeffries, but who's going to shut down Aaron McGhee. Also, Hollis Price and Ebi Ere can hit the trifecta, too, so we'll see.

My pick: I'm taking Indiana (+7) and the under at (136).

Kansas vs. Maryland
Not much to say. Both teams have a great starting five and both are deep. I think they'll run up and down the floor and it's going to come out to turnovers and rebounds.

My pick: I'm taking Maryland (+1 ½) and the over at (170).

I like the Terps to win it all, but either way, Monday Night will be as good as tonight. Hopefully, you already helped bankroll your account with Memphis in the NIT Thursday Night, but either way, good luck and enjoy.

I wanted to give you my top 10 games of the tournament so far:

Duke-Indiana: Down 17, Hoosiers rally to beat Duke even after Jason William's possible 4 point play at the end.

UCLA-Cincinnati: 2 overtimes, an 8 over a 1, and high quality play throughout.

Connecticut-N.C. State: Best 2nd round game, Caron Butler was unconscious to hold off the Wolfpack.

Kansas-Holy Cross: Just the thought of witnessing history as Holy Cross came close to pulling off the 1-16 upset.

Florida-Creighton: Florida chokes again and then Billy Donovan cries. Lovely.

Duke-Notre Dame: Down 14 in the 2nd half, Duke rallies to win by 7.

Texas-Mississippi State: Texas up huge, Miss. St. makes run to get back in, then Texas pulls it out in a great finish.

Connecticut-Maryland: Butler again carried UConn before Blake's huge 3 put Maryland in the final 4 again.

Texas-Oregon: Up and down, close throughout, great ending as T.J. Ford comes up short.

Southern Illinois-Georgia: A great game throughout with a great finish snubbed by an intentional foul call.

Honorable Mention: Indiana-Kent State, UNC-Wilmington-USC, Kent State-Pittsburgh, Oklahoma-Missouri, Kansas-Oregon, Tulsa-Kentucky.

So that's it for this week. Enjoy the great weekend of hoops, and if you get bored on Sunday, there is a very good sports article in the latest ESPN Magazine about Teddy Dupay and what happened at Florida.

Talk at you next week. And as always, keep the feedback coming: jacksmackcu01@yahoo.com.

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