Freshman RB Expecting to Play

Clemson freshman running back talks about early playing time and the complexity of Coach Spence's new offensive system.

James Davis Talks with the Media (4:47)

Do you feel like you will have the opportunity to play this year?
Davis: I do. I feel like I can help the team out this year.

What's been the most difficult part of making the transition to college?
Davis: I think it's the terminology. It's a serious offense. In high school, we huddled, so it's been a big adjustment to run the no-huddle offense.

Was it helpful to come in early and get to know your teammates and get adjusted to college life?
Davis: Yeah, it was. I came in early and got a chance to get stronger and it was a lot more conditioning than the guys that came in late. It's tough. It's not too much different than high school, as long as you come to class everyday and pay attention you'll be all right.

What's your best-case scenario this year?
Davis: Playing. I just want to play. This is really a year for me to learn and get adjusted to the offense.

How have the other running backs been to you so far? Is there a sense of competition there or have they taken you under their wing so to speak?
Davis: The competition is there. Reggie, he's a tough running back. He's got power and speed. Kyle- he's a small back but he plays big. Duane- he's really been the one coaching me on offense. I really look up to him a lot.

Have you gotten hit hard yet?
Davis: Nah. Not yet. I haven't gotten hit hard yet. I've mostly been doing blocking drills and stuff like that.

What do you have to do to get on the field?
Davis: Well I'm still really learning everything right now. Most of the running plays I've got kind of down. The blocking schemes are what is going to get me on the field. Once I learn those I'm going to be all right. Top Stories