Taylor Downplays Potential Switch to Defense

Clemson freshman wide receiver says he's settling in as a wide receiver ... for now.

1-on-1 with Rendrick Taylor (1:52)

How have your first three practices gone and what are your expectations now as you get ready to put on full pads?
Taylor: Everything has been going really good. Everybody is giving a 110%. I'd like to commend all the guys for giving me a chance to get in there and show me what to do, making sure I know the plays.

You've been talked about as one of the most physical freshmen to report to Clemson in quite some time. Do you think that could lead to a move to defense at some point?
Taylor: Right now, I'm focused on offense at wide receiver. If on down the line, the coaches feel like I'm a better player on defense then I'll have to move over there because I just want to play. But right now, I'm focused on wide receiver.

Have the coaches talked to you about a potential move?
Taylor: No sir. It's just a lot of other players have mentioned it to me. But, I haven't heard that from any coaches.

Did it help you to arrive on campus a month early so you could get adjusted to college life?
Taylor: It gave me a taste of what college life was going to be like once school started. I recommend for anybody that's coming in next year to come in early because it gives you a real feel for what it's going to be like once you get started.

Has everything lived up to the expectations in your own mind in terms of speed, talent, etc on the team?
Taylor: Yeah, it's real tough. Everybody is an athlete. Everybody out there is giving their all. You just have to out there and compete.

How have things been as far as learning the offense? Has that been an easy adjustment for you?
Taylor: It's been kind of tough right now because there is summer school right now and we are focusing a lot there and on the plays. It's real tough, but on down the line, we are going to get it.

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