Complete Offensive Line Breakdown

CLEMSON – Everything you ever wanted to know about the Clemson offensive line up to this point is finally answered. Tigers offensive line coach Brad Scott gives the most thorough breakdown of every player, position and who's doing what.

"The good thing is there's a lot of competition out there and we haven't had that since I've been here, and I'm talking inside, mainly. We're still a little short at the tackle position.

"But I have four guards with Nathan Bennett, Roman Fry, Brandon Pilgrim and Chip Myrick. Those four guys are playing pretty good. Today, Roman came out and started pretty bad, so I immediately put Pilgrim up there. Pilgrim finished the practice really well. Roman came back and practice pretty good, but not to a point where I'd say you go back to No. 1 . I rolled them with the ones.

My deal is that we're going to go on a daily basis. I post the depth chart every day and I make changes every day and it's based on performance out on the practice field. For tomorrow's practice, Brandon will start over there and if Roman wants the job back, he'll go get it back. And that's when you can play your best, when you've got competition like that. Myrick and Nathan Bennett are the same way."

"Barry Humphries is getting a lot of reps at center because Dustin Fry has got some problems right now with his hamstrings. Dustin has done well … but his hamstrings are bothering him. So it forces you to play the next best center and right now it's going to be Barry Humphries, but he's making freshman mistakes. This is five days and we've put in a lot of offense.

"So for him to be doing as well as his is, I think it's a very positive sign. Is he ready to take that job? By no means, because Dustin's done extremely well. But Barry, I'm encourage because I feel like he can develop as we brought along Barry Richardson last year to a player that we can play possibly in the fall. We'll have to see how he finishes camp. I personally holding Dustin so we can get him healthy so we can scrimmage him and to get Barry reps with the ones. The good thing is the older players are helping Barry with his calls.

"Roman Fry also plays center."

"At the tackle position, I think Richardson's done a pretty good job. Marion Dukes has been hot and cold a little bit out there. He practiced better today, but he didn't have a great practice yesterday. So Tim DeBeer was a left tackle and I moved him to right tackle today and he split the reps with Dukes. I've got a little competition there. I've got three tackles.

"Freshmen wise, I would say that I would continue to rep Cory Lambert. I'd say he's got some ability. They all have ability, but Cory's a little older. He struggled out there today with assignments, which is normal and expected.

"I've been very pleased with Jamarcus Grant. He's a little heavy and probably has got to lose 20 pounds, but he's got good feet and he's a competitor and I think he's going to be a good player. … He's 20 pounds away from being able to play five snaps in a row.

"Now, I ain't saying they're going to play this year. I'm just evaluating my freshmen and I think it's an excellent class.

"Thomas Austin is very smart. He didn't have any busts out there today. I thought he did a very good job today, too. I really like the freshman class, but I'm not ready for any of them to play yet. Humphries is ahead because of positional need and he has some ability and he's a long way from being ready, but by golly he competes.

"Bobby Hutchinson, he's at center and he's had some good days and some bad days. I think right now if you said Barry Humphries or Hutchinson, I'd say Humphries is probably ahead right now. He's making more plays, but that doesn't mean that Bobby's out of the mix or anything.

"I think all five freshmen will be fine, but I think the speed of the game has surprised Quentez Ruffin a bit. He's just got to play faster. Part of not playing faster is you don't know exactly what you're doing and you're not sure of yourself yet. But he's going to be fine. When I mentioned Cory, he's just a little older and probably came from more of a pro-style offense over at Greenville High and he might be a little ahead for those reasons. But Quentez will be fine. He's about at the same place as Thomas Austin's at and Jemarcus Grant.

"Usually when you sign five linemen, you hope to hit on three. That's a very difficult position to really know what you're getting because of the high school offenses that teams run and you don't know if they can pass block and some of them you don't know if they can run block. So, usually you sign five and you hope that you get three. I think this year's class we signed five and potentially I think all five will play for Clemson." Top Stories