Living Up to the Hype

Freshman wide receiver Tyler Grisham appears to be poised for early playing time this year.

1-on-1 with Tyler Grisham (1:58)

Some of the veteran players on this team have commented about your precise route running and overall ability. What are your expectations for yourself this year? Do you feel like you can come in and play right away?
Grisham: I hope so. That's up to the coaches. I have to learn the offense first, and that's going to be another thing in itself. But if I can do that, hopefully I can get in there and it's my dream to play college football, and if I get a chance to play early, that would be amazing.

Are you going to be the holder this year for field goals and PATs?
Grisham: Yeah they tried me out a couple of days ago. They tried me out. They just wanted to see how I would do.

In making the transition from high school to college, what has been the biggest adjustment? Speed?
Grisham: Obviously, everyone is going to say speed, that's the main thing. Everyone is fast, and everyone is so good that on every single play you have to be going full speed all out and you have to know what you are doing.

Do you know when you'll be told about playing this year? What's the timeframe on that decision from the coaching staff?
Grisham: Hopefully, we'll learn in the next two weeks.

Is that something you are vocal about- playing early?
Grisham: We (Rendrick Taylor and Grisham) are both showing them that we are working on the field and off the field really hard, even if we don't know the route. You know, if you don't know the route, you better be going full speed. If you mess up on a route, you better get after someone and block them and do something right.

This group of recruits seems to be more highly regarded than some of the other classes that have been brought in here in the past. Is there talk among the other freshman that this class may be the start of something special at Clemson?
Grisham: That's what everyone says. We are one of the classes that's had the best grades in summer school. We are the first class to have as many players that can play as true freshmen. And that's great. None of us really understand that yet because we are freshmen, we don't understand that's amazing to have that many freshmen play. But we are talking about it and it's exciting. Top Stories