Whitehurst Comments on Scrimmage

Clemson quarterback Charlie Whitehurst talks about Saturday's scrimmage.

Nine days of practice, are you ready for a break yet after today's scrimmage?
Whitehurst: Yeah, I'll be honest it's kind of getting to me the last couple of days. You come into camp, you feel good, you are excited, but by day eight, or day nine you are asking for a day off. It's good time for us (the day off). We'll get good film study in tomorrow and it's a big day for the fans.

Your numbers today continue to look good. 14-of-21 for over 140 yards and two touchdowns. Are you feeling good about this offense and your ability to get into a rhythm in it?
Whitehurst: Yeah I do. Today, I even missed a throw or two today so those numbers could have been higher. They weren't easy throws, but throws I should have made. I think the system gives us the opportunity to make those easy throws and catches. You know, five to eight yards. That gives us a chance to move the chains. Or stay ahead of the chains. We want to stay out of third and long.

Through the eight or nine days of practice, what has been the biggest adjustment for you in this new offensive system?
Whitehurst: I think it's the consistency level this offense needs to be executed properly. Especially at the quarterback position. They are asking more from us. Not that they didn't ask a lot of us before. But there are complex reads and you have to be on top of your game and be really mental every snap to make a play.

Talk about Aaron Kelly a little bit. It seems like he's been one of the most consistent wide receivers for you so far during practice.
Whitehurst: I think he's proving that he can start for us. If we need him, he's going to be there. Extremely talented after the catch, that's what is so surprising. He's a tall lanky guy. He looks kind of like me out there. (laughing) But he's making guys miss, so that's encouraging.

Do you see anything different at all out of Kelvin Grant? Or is this still a wait-and-see approach on game day?
Whitehurst: It is wait-and-see to be honest. I'm not ashamed in saying that anymore. He's look good. He's done some good things. He's had one or two bad days. We'll see how he handles this injury a little bit. It's not to serious. But he's a guy that can't miss practice.

Has any part of the game plan already been put in place for Texas A&M? Is it too early to be looking that far ahead?
Whitehurst: We've started the game plan pretty early this year. In the past it's been like, 'let's play our defense for two weeks and then we'll game plan for A&M.' Of course, the coaches are always doing the behind the scene work way in advance. We weren't exposed to it. But it seems like this year we are already talking about plays we'll be running against Texas A&M. We are getting in good practice with all of that stuff for a whole month.

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