Hill Feels Good About Younger DBs

Senior cornerback Tye Hill talks about the incoming freshmen, forcing more turnovers, and much more!

Can you just talk about the first couple of weeks of practice and how things have been going for you?
Hill: It's going pretty good. We are leaning a lot. We've been working a lot on our technique. We are working to be ACC champs, I can promise you that.

Talk about the differences you are seeing out of a new defensive coordinator this year.
Hill: Right off the bat, attitude and scheme. Coach Vic has come in and force a sense of urgency to get to the ball. In the past, we may have been saying, 'I don't want to hear that.' But now, it's much more of a sense of urgency. Everybody feels that. It's more zone. We are doing a little man, but it's more zone. It's fun to be honest with you.

Are you as a cornerback more comfortable with zone coverage?
Hill: I'm comfortable both ways. I learned how to play zone when I first went to corner. So I have to lean on, but I'm comfortable either way. I've got considerable experience with both.

The whole idea of forcing more turnovers this year ... how do you go about doing that?
Hill: Last year, we didn't force that many turnovers until the second part of the season. Having that urgency is a big part of it. Running to the ball is a big part of it. If you don't run to the ball and the running back fumbles the ball, then you aren't there to pick it up. You have no chance to recover it. For me personally, it's more about running right with the receiver, hand wedging and learn how to catch the ball in the air instead of just batting it down. You have to get under it and get good position.

What about some of the younger players in the secondary this year, who do you see stepping up at that other corner spot? Who do you think will be the starter against Texas A&M?
Hill: Who's going to be the starter? I feel like it will be Sergio Gilliam. That's what I feel. But I feel that Chris Clemons is going to come in and get a lot of playing time. And Brandon Croley, he's coming around. He's going to play.

Do you feel comfortable with these younger players having such a big role in the secondary this year?
Hill: I feel pretty good about all of them. All of the freshmen. They came in (early) and it seems like they are all good. But you just have to fine tune them. Nobody is going to be a star coming in out of high school, but they are pretty good.

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