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CLEMSON – Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden said Thursday evening that star freshman running back James Davis' return home to Atlanta was nothing more than a case of homesickness and that he should practice by Saturday at the latest.

"He'll be back," Bowden said in making light of the situation. "It's no more than a Bernard Rambert or Cedric Johnson or William Henry – just a little homesick. I talked to his mom and all them. I knew James Davis was leaving and talked to all the family and got a plan for him to come back."

Bowden said a "bunch" of Davis' family members came Wednesday night to Clemson, where upon he met with them. Running backs coach Burton Burns also spoke to Davis, but he still went to Atlanta after the meeting.

"There's a look that they get in their eyes and it's that homesick look," Bowden said. "For 18 or 19-year-olds, it's not that uncommon. You kind of see that look in their eyes. And a lot of the other ones have it, too. About all of them have it. If they don't say they're homesick, they're usually lying."

However, several sources with the team said that Davis' primary concern was his playing time, or lack thereof, and that within the last week he had been openly saying he had "options" and could transfer to schools.

Multiple sources also said that Davis was upset that he wasn't getting as many carries as he thought he would while on the field and that he was trying to get an understanding of all the transfer rules.

Asked whether or not Davis was going to be redshirted, Bowden didn't give a yes or no answer.

"We've been discussing this over the last few days and we haven't determined that," Bowden said. "He would be on our short list of guys that would not be, though."

Bowden was also asked if Davis was promised the first carry of the season while being recruited. Bowden refused to answer.

As of now, however, it appears Davis is back on the team and will resume his role with the second and third team offense.

News and notes
Redshirt freshman offensive tackle Zach Green will miss the entire season due to an "abdominal problem." Bowden is hopeful that the NCAA will grant Green an extra year of eligibility. … Starting defensive end Charles Bennett also missed practice due to a death in the family. He also expects defensive tackle Dorell Scott to return on Friday after missing much of the week due to personal reasons.

Former defensive tackle Chris McDuffie is now at left guard on offense, and Bowden said he has been "doing good." He also said McDuffie could challenge for a starting spot. … Offensive lineman Christian Capote missed Thursday's practice with a sprained knee. However, both Frys, Roman and Dustin, participated in practice. Top Stories