RBs Welcome Back James Davis

Reggie Merriweather talks about today's scrimmage in Death Valley and the return of James Davis.

Reggie Merriwether Post Scrimmage Comments (2:28)

Did the heat get to you out there today?
Merriweather: Yeah it was pretty hot, but we have to learn to play in the heat this year. We can carry this over (to the games). We've got a couple of 12 o'clock games this year.

What stood out to you during today's scrimmage?
Merriweather: We started out kind of slow. The offensive line started kind of slow, but as soon as we all got in a rhythm, we picked it up. We got there in the goal line. Last weekend we weren't so hot, but we picked it up this weekend.

How has the last 48 hours affected you with everything that has happened with James Davis? Does it affect you?
Merriweather: We are group of veterans at running back. It doesn't affect us at all. As far as the team as a whole, it affects us because we want to win, and we have to have the best players on the field to win. James is a good guy, a great player. That's what we need on our team to carry on for the future. As long as we continue to stick together as a team, re-introduce him to the offense, he's going to be alright.

As a guy that has been in this football program a couple of years, do you go up to him and try to talk to him about this?
Merriweather: You always do that. A lot of guys have called him and tried to stick in there with him and tell him to keep his head up and that things will change. Things will be different. As long as you said you're peace, it's up to him. He's got to be a man about his situation and take care of his business.

So the team is receptive to having James back you would say?
Merriweather: Yeah, we welcomed him back. He's a good guy. He's having problems adjusting. It wasn't no big deal for him to leave and come back. Everybody has to pay their dues, but we welcomed him back with open arms.

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