Stuckey: "Precision" the Difference

Clemson wide receiver Chansi Stuckey talks with about the differences in the offense this year compared to last season, the improvement of Charlie Whitehurst, his role in the return game, and much more in this report!

Chansi, what is your role in the offense this year and how has that changed since last season?
Stuckey: My role is to be the playmaker. It's just a matter of making the right reads, doing what the coach says and it should be open for me. This offense is where you can be a big playmaker.

It also sounds like you may have a more prominent role in the return game this year?
Stuckey: I'm just ready to go with that. Right now I'm doing first team punt return. Then, I'm doing a little kick return behind Duane (Coleman) and C.J. (Gaddis). When the time comes, I just need to make a difference in the return game.

What's been the biggest difference between the offense this year and the offense last year?
Stuckey: Just precision, and paying attention to detail. Everything has to be just right: the right spacing, the right alignment, switching alignment on the line (of scrimmage)... you know who's on, who's off, the right steps on pass routes, and just being on the same page as the quarterback. It's a lot more precision.

Have you seen anything different out of Charlie Whitehurst this year? More confidence? Better rhythm?
Stuckey: By far more confident. He was confident last year, but right now I can see a big difference. He's really buying into what Coach Spence is doing. I think Coach Spence has been a really good quarterback coach to him. I think he's going to have a big year for us.

Do you think he plays better this year because of the system or because he's had another year to mature as a quarterback?
Stuckey: A little of both. I think this is a system where he really sees he can thrive. Look at coach Spence's record with the past quarterbacks he's had, and Charlie's probably 10 times better than those guys. With his confidence, and what he's doing, I just think he's really going to flourish this year.

How ready are you now to actually get this season underway after having practiced so long against your teammates?
Stuckey: I'm just ready to play. We've been going against guys in white jerseys a long time now. I'm just ready to see a different jersey and then just go out there and play hard.

Is a lot of the game plan for Texas A&M in place already?
Stuckey: I think a lot of it is already in place. A lot of what we are doing in camp is going to go into our game plan. We just haven't sat down as a group yet, as an offense, to go over the specific game plan for next Saturday yet. Top Stories