Davis Speaks Out

Clemson running back James Davis speaks out about the events of last week. (AUDIO INCLUDED)

James Davis Speaks Out (11:41)

So what happened last week James?
Davis: Me and the coaches, we had a disagreement on some things. I got a little mad over that. Basically, I just went home and, I was supposed to take a couple of days off, but I stayed longer than I was supposed to and then he told me to come back on Saturday.

What were you upset about?
Davis: The reps. Competition.

Is everything okay now?
Davis: Everything is good. I'm happy to be back with the team and I'm getting a rotation in with the one's and the two's. I'm really excited to be back and I'm ready to be 100%.

So what is your expectation for the season opener now?
Davis: Really, not much, I just want to play. That's what it's been all along.

Just playing devil's advocate here... didn't you actually get the most number of carries in the scrimmages?
Davis: Well, some of the plays were passing plays that they might have changed based on what they saw. They love to get me the ball. I see that right now. That's my reason for coming here, I want the ball. It's going to be hard to work it out with four running backs, but coach has said they've got something that's going to help everybody play.

Did you see something that you were told during the recruiting process that was not happening here?
Davis: At first I was told during the couple of days of camp, we sat down and a had a meeting and talked about it and then he said, 'Okay, James we've got to work the whole offense in.' I kind of made my decision kind of early asking them about when do I get my shot? When do I get my time?

So are you essentially saying that you were being a little impatient?
Davis: Yes. I was very impatient.

Did you talk about transfering?
Davis: No. I talked with Coach Bowden all the days I was at home. He told me to just go out there everyday. 'The coaches will see what you've got. They'll see what you can do.' Right now, me coming in as a freshman, I picked up Coach Spence's offense really well. Right now, I've got everything down. I'm ready.

Did you have to run extra when you came back?
Davis: He didn't punish me for it. Because, he told me before I left, 'James you make the right decision. I'm not going to punish you for the decision you make. The team is going to welcome you back if you decide to come back.'

Did anybody give you the cold shoulder once you came back?
Davis: No, everybody was happy. They knew. I talked to a lot of people. A lot of guys were like, 'James, we need you here. You need to stay. Things are going to work out.'

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