Billie Poised for Breakout Campaign

CLEMSON - Clemson linebacker Tramine Billie talks about the depth chart at his position, his role in the upcoming season, and much more, in this report.

Tramaine, we heard a good bit about your progress during spring practice, but we haven't heard your name mentioned as much so far this fall. Any thoughts?
Billie: I'm just trying to get my keys right and work on my fundamentals. The biggest thing for me is just trying to get myself situated with Coach Vic's defense to make sure I understand everything that's going on at all times.

What's the biggest difference for you in playing under Coach Vic compared to previous seasons?
Billie: Just different keys. We've got zone drops so it's important for me to fully understand when I'm playing man, to know when I've got be in that zone, to know when I've got to be in that gap. Just a lot of things.

Coach Vic has been talked about as a coach that's always going to force turnovers. How has he delivered that message to the team this year?
Billie: Just go 100% to the ball. Everybody has to get to the ball. The more people you have going to the ball, the better chance you'll have at forcing a turnover. Just run all out at 100% all the time.

The linebackers lost a great playmaker in Leroy Hill last year. Who is the guy you feel like that will step up into his role? Or is it more like a linebacker by committee that will ahve to account for big plays this year?
Billie: I think all of us will be stepping in to do that. At middle linebacker, I think Anthony Waters is really going to step up this year. At weakside linebacker, Nick Watkins is going to come up big this year. And for me, I'm going to be doing my best as always.

So you are the SAM linebacker right now correct?
Billie: Yes. SAM linebacker, strong side. Right now, Maurice Nelson and Lionel Richardson have been behind practicing behind me.

I know you guys are already focused on Texas A&M. What do you remember about last year's game out there?
Billie: We have to come out and play our game. Last year, they took it to us a little bit in that second half. I think we let the heat get to us a little too. I feel like we'll be ready this year though. We are ready to step it up. Top Stories