Insider Video: Chad Jasmin

Miss the Spring Game this weekend? Here are three of Chad Jasmin's best runs, with two resulting in touchdowns. Jasmin lined up at both fullback and tailback to lead the orange in rushing Saturday afternoon.

Chad Jasmin looked like one heck of a running back Saturday afternoon at Riggs Field. He showed a certain quickness that has been missing from his game over the last two seasons, and he also showed his new nose for the endzone.

He would finish the day with 68 rushing yards on 13 attempts and 3 touchdowns. Even more impressive is that he seemed to know the exact right moment to either plow over a defender, give him a stiff arm, or try to beat him to the outside with his quickness.

Jasmin's First Touchdown (6-yard run).

Tough Run by Jasmin.

Jasmin's Second Touchdown (16-yard burst). Top Stories