GA DB Now Listing Clemson

Mario Edwards talks about the recruiting process.

Mario Edwards chose Virginia Tech as his leader last month. The Westlake standout now has another school from the ACC added into the mix.

"Put Clemson in there," Mario Edwards said. "Take Minnesota off and put Clemson in place of them. They're now equal at the same interest level of the other schools behind Virginia Tech."

What impresses Edwards about Clemson?

"Coach Blackwell (David Blackwell) told me they need safeties. That means I could get early playing time there."

Westlake has struggled through their first two games. Edwards is optimistic about the remaining eight games of the regular season.

"We're doing well but we've just gotten off to a slow start. We have Banneker this week. We should win that game and hopefully go undefeated the rest of the season."

Last month Edwards planned to take officials to Virginia Tech, Mississippi State, and Baylor. Has anything changed?

"I'm still going to those schools. The other two I still don't know about. I know I'll use them though. I'm going to Georgia Tech's game this weekend for an unofficial." Top Stories