Insider Video: The Defense

Video highlights of John Leake leveling Keith Kelly, Toure Francis' intercepting Charlie Whitehurst, and a nice hit by Kevin Johnson on Jackie Robinson.

Our first clip contains two examples of how the Clemson secondary is showing improvement. The first one shows a quick hitch pass out to Jackie Robinson. Kevin Johnson makes sure that he doesn't gain any extra yardage on a defensive play.

All of the defensive backs consistently either stayed with their man, or made the clutch tackle Saturday afternoon. There was no standing around, pointing fingers, or wondering what in the world was going on.

The second part shows Charlie Whitehurst throwing a bomb down the sidelines- the pass winds up being intercepted by Toure Francis. I must admit, it sure is comforting to see so many Tiger defenders back there in good coverage on a deep pass. This was evident all day Saturday.

Eric Meekins also intercepted a deep pass from Willie Simmons later on, but he was ruled out of bounds. Meekins has looked the strongest out of the returning defensive backs this spring. He is showing much more consistentcy on his tackling, and he seems to have a toughness about him that was lacking last season.

Kevin Johnson & Toure Francis

Our second highlight shows what LB John Leake does best- hit. Leake looked strong in every way Saturday afternoon, as he led the defense in total tackles and made several big stops.

He, along with Rodney Thomas, seem to be two of the leaders of the defense. And speaking of Thomas, he looks to be in as good a shape as any football player on the field.

This video shows Leake taking care of business against Keith Kelly about 10 yards downfield. It is obvious that Leake does his talking with his pads.

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