Insider Video: Bernard Rambert & Tye Hill

Bernard Rambert didn't see much action on Saturday, but we've got one his best runs right here. Tye Hill also impressed us Saturday with his quickness and strong cut-back ability.

RB Bernard Rambert saw only limited action Saturday afternoon, but he looked very impressive on several runs. He finsihed the day with 3 carries for 23 yards.

Bernard Rambert Rumbles Downfield

RB Tye Hill was a pleasant suprise Saturday afternoon. He showed his quickness in hitting the hole, and he made several impressive cut-back moves with ease.

Suprisingly, he seemed to force contact with some of the bigger players- which is something we didn't see that much of earlier in the spring. Without question, he is gaining confidence and that will likely improve more this fall as he continues to adjust to the college game.

"It's up to him if he wants to be a factor. He's got some straight ahead speed that we don't have," Tommy Bowden said. "Whether he's mature enough to read protection and blocking schemes we just don't know."

Tye finished the day with 50 yards on 13 carries.

Interestingly enough, Hill did not catch any passes out of the backfield Saturday afternoon. With all of his pure speed and athleticism, you have to think that he could become very dangerous if you matched him up one-on-one with a linebacker. Hopefully, we'll see how he responds in that situation later this fall.

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