JackSmack: Issue #45

Wow! Positive Clemson Athletics. After many e-mails from persons expressing their displeasure about my negative publicity of our basketball program, yes, as Mr. Wolfe put it, I will let basketball go away.

Clemson baseball is ranked #1 in all 3 polls right now, and I enjoy college baseball. Doesn't it feel great to be dominant in a sport?

Here is a quick look back at the Final Four:

Saturday was a day for the ages. Two games with high quality play throughout. In the Indiana-Oklahoma game, the Hoosiers went (6-6) from 3 in the 2nd half to get by Oklahoma. McGhee was unstoppable, but Fife made Price disappear, and Newton, Sheets, and Odle played great in the middle. I nailed that pick, but missed the under by 1 point.

In the second game, Kansas storms out to a lead before Juan Dixon kept the Terps in it, and then continued to be red hot throughout as Maryland ended up winning by 12. Gooden looked lost as Collison was really the only player for Kansas who brought his ‘A' game. I nailed that one also, including the over easily.

I did pick Maryland to win it all last week (not at the beginning of the tournament). I finished tied for 16th in my brackets out of 58. Duke, Arizona, and Georgia killed me. Anyway, Monday night was anything but a showcase for college basketball. Indiana and Maryland played like they were on drugs. I can't remember watching a game with so many bad passes, and Lonny Baxter throwing up underhanded shots in the 1st half. OU and Kansas fans had to be sick watching these teams play so much poorer than they did on Saturday. Great run by Mike Davis, but Maryland was definitely the class of the NCAA this year. Congrats to Gary Williams. By the way, Jared Jeffries better come back next year. He couldn't do anything in the pros right now. I'll ditto that on Casey Jacobsen as well. What team will waste a pick on him?

The NFL Draft isn't until the 20th, so we'll wait one more week to preview that.

Here are my baseball predictions:

AL: Yankees, Twins, Mariners (Wild Card: A's)

Yankees win pennant.
Mike Mussina wins the Cy Young.
Ichiro wins 2nd MVP in a row.

NL: Mets, Cardinals, Diamondbacks (Wild Card: Giants)

Cardinals win pennant.
Randy Johnson wins the Cy Young.
Bonds wins another MVP.

World Series: Yankees over Cardinals in seven.

We'll see where that stands come October.

Other notes:
--Jordan will play again next year, because most people think he won't.
--Bonds will set another HR mark this year in the 80's.
--Last week, I hyped ESPN magazine for the Teddy Dupay article and forgot to even mention the cover which is the dumbest thing I've seen in a long time.

A picture of Griffey. The title: "Whatever happened to Junior?", and then "He got traded…he got hurt…he got dissed…and we forgot…He's the best player in the game".

How much crack is being smoked in Bristol right now. Best player. Are you kidding? I don't even want him on my fantasy team as a utility player. He's like Andruw Jones and Rickey Henderson the way he dogs plays. Griffey dogs a home run (that means he stands, poses, and watches the ball) whether it's a game winner or a solo shot with his team down 10-1 in the 9th. What a joke.

Well, baseball is in full swing, the Masters is next week, and I'll talk back at you then.

Keep the feedback coming, you can e-mail me anytime at jacksmackcu01@yahoo.com.

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