Postgame Comments: Mike Hamlin caught up with redshirt freshman Michael Hamlin as he celebrated the last second victory over Texas A&M.

What did you think about tonight's big win over the Aggies?
Hamlin: It feels great. It is better than I imagined.

How did it feel to know that Coach Vic had the confidence in you to have you on the field with the game on the line in the fourth quarter?
Hamlin: It feels good. It's good to know that the coach has confidence in me. It makes you work even harder.

What did Coach Vic tell the defense at halftime?
Hamlin: He told us to come out and play ball. He told us to relax and play ball. Everybody knew what they should be doing. He switched us up a little bit and everybody had confidence in it.

Are you glad you had a redshirt year last season now that you are seeing significant playing time?
Hamlin: Yes sir, I feel a whole lot better.

What does tonight's victory mean to this football team?
Hamlin: It feels great. I can't even explain it. Everybody is out here having fun. Now it's time for me to go have fun. Top Stories