Status Quo For Now

CLEMSON – Despite James Davis' stellar performance Saturday night, there aren't any changes on the depth chart, Clemson coach Tommy Bowden said Monday evening. But that doesn't mean there won't be moves by the end of the week.

"There could very easily be some changes on performance, but we haven't done them as of today," Bowden said. "But they could be announced later."

When asked, Bowden declined to name where the changes might be.

One thing is for certain, one of those positions won't be at quarterback, where starter Charlie Whitehurst appears to be fully recovered from the shot to the head he took against Texas A&M, which caused him to miss most of the fourth quarter.

Will Proctor will return to the backup role even though he guided the Tigers (1-0) on the game-winning drive.

And while Proctor, who had played just a total of six snaps prior to Saturday, might prefer to play a little more to get him more prepared for next season, Bowden said he's only going to play when needed or in blowouts.

"He can get more reps when he beats (Whitehurst) out," Bowden said. "I wish we would have gotten ahead enough (last season) to get (Proctor) in, but six of them came down to the last play."

As of now, Roman Fry's insertion into the starting lineup at left guard is the only change in the depth chart. Brandon Pilgrim, who started Saturday night, sustained a separated shoulder against the Aggies.

Bowden used to close games
In seasons past, Bowden would comment how his stomach would get upset down the stretch in tight games. That doesn't happen any more and it had absolutely nothing to do with the purple pill.

"I've had so many now," Bowden said. "I used to think I'd hate to be a basketball coach because a basketball coach goes through that about every other game. We've been through so many, now I know what they feel like. I'd hate to be one, but I think I'm half of one."

Seven of Clemson's last 12 games have been decided on the game's final play and the Tigers have won five of them.

Extra points
Receiver Kelvin Grant and tight end Bobby Williamson are closer to being 100 percent healthy, Bowden said. … Cliff Harrell, Kyle Browning and Jamaal Fudge will be the captains in the Maryland game. … Offensive linemen Nathan Bennett was named Saturday night's offensive most valuable player. … Bowden also praised center Dustin Fry for his play Saturday. Top Stories